Thursday, February 10, 2005

Iraqi Official Vows To Fight 'The Ghosts Of Death'

I stopped by Iraq the Model today. I'm glad I did. Omar quotes Iraqi politician Mithal al-Alusi, who survived a recent attempt on his life. Sadly, his bodyguard and two young sons did not survive. Here's part of what al-Alusi said following the attack.

My children, three people [in all] -- one of my bodyguards and two of my children -- died as heroes, no differently from other people who find their heroic deaths. But we will not, [I swear] by God, hand Iraq over to murderers and terrorists. We will pave the road for peace. If [the attackers] thought that by attempting to kill Mithal al-Alusi, the advocates of peace in Iraq will be stopped, then they have made a grave mistake. We will be calling for peace. We will be calling for peace with all neighboring countries [of Iraq]. We will be calling for peace with all countries of the region. And we will be calling for fighting terrorism by any means [and] against all forms [of terror].

Let's see if the MSM picks up on this. They certainly give the terrorists enough coverage...

Here Comes the Heart Failure, Mr. Moore

If Michael Moore's next Triple Quarter-Pounder with Cheese doesn't give him a heart attack, then I'm afraid this might.

North Korea Has Nukes

Of course they do. By announcing it (again), they're doing the geopolitical equivalent of pulling out a pistol and saying "I have a gun- give me your wallet." I suspect the U.S. will continue to come back with "Nice try, looney guy. Our guns are still much bigger. Put that thing down before you hurt yourself."

And Finally...

No Senate race for Weird Al. I wish I could say that I talked him out of it when he came to visit us in Kuwait. But I'd be lying.

This is an amusing story about a conservative press guy:

By examining Internet records, online sleuths at figured out that his real name was Jim Guckert and he owned various Web sites, including, and

Wow. Just wow.


A reader has just alerted me that my picture is posted on I was hoping it wouldn't come to this. Look, people- I was young and needed the money...

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