Thursday, March 23, 2006

Jennifer Loven Gets Famous

Since it's been such a long time since I've even visited my own site, I decided to check the stat tracker to see if anyone was even poking round here anymore. I was astonished to find that this site still draws about 100 visitors a day- mostly people following links to archived posts from yesteryear. I noticed a huge spike a few days ago, so I decided to check into it. Seems that my old friend Jennifer Loven caused another commotion- this one her biggest yet. I saw the article on Yahoo! News last weekend while I was browsing through my handy dandy handheld. The headline left me no doubt that I was about to read a Jennifer Loven article- it said something like "Bush Using Straw Man Arguments in Speeches." Sounded very much like the unforgettable "Bush Twists Kerry's Words on Iraq."

My favorite part of her latest hit piece:

"There are some really decent people," the president said earlier this year, "who believe that the federal government ought to be the decider of health care ... for all people."

Of course, hardly anyone in mainstream political debate has made such assertions.

"Of course," she says. Because we all know that Bush is such a conniving and deceitful liar and anything he tries to push on us is total crap.

And this:

He typically then says he "strongly disagrees" conveniently knocking down a straw man of his own making.

"Conveniently." Jennifer, you absolutely must be kidding here, right? Are you seriously trying to play this off as news? This is a sarcastic and vindictive opinion piece and nothing more. The AP is now officially the media's worst joke.

And when she writes, "Bush routinely is criticized for dressing up events with a too-rosy glow," she must be referring to another one of her own legendary hit pieces- Bush Paints Rosy Picture of Iraq Situation. She's literally using her prior opinions in place of facts for her new opinion piece! And the AP lets her get away with it.

Well, kids- it looks like the cat's really out of the bag this time. I just found a story about her latest work of art through Drudge- AP Article on Bush Called Out as Hit Piece...

It mentions her marriage to a former Clinton aide and all that good stuff. Not a bad article really. For me, it was nice to see Jennifer Loven being scrutinized on a bigger stage than Powerline. She finally made it big.

It'll be interesting to see if the AP attempts to garner some sort of credibility by firing her or apologizing in some way. Don't hold your breath.

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