Thursday, May 05, 2005

Haim Harari Wrote a Book!

Hello all. Sorry it took so long to get to this- civilianing is harder than I thought it would be!

I was obviously thrilled when I saw that Haim Harari turned his awesome speech into a book (A VIEW FROM THE EYE OF THE STORM), but I was even more thrilled with the way I found out about it. I got an email from his publicist, who found my blog entry about Haim's speech, and he offered to send me a copy of the book so that I could write a review, and perhaps conduct an online interview with Haim! I thought that was really amazing, and of course I took him up on the offer. He sent me the book the next day, and I plan on reading it this weekend. I'll write my review soon after. I'm certain it will be a favorable review- the guy is a genuis.

More Good News

U.S. Marine cleared in shooting of Iraqi

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Marine Corps has ruled that no charges will be filed against a Marine in the fatal shooting of a wounded and unarmed Iraqi in a Falluja mosque last November in an incident shown in a television pool report, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

After a five-month investigation, the Marine Corps determined that the Marine corporal fired in self-defense and will not face court-martial, spokesman Lt. Col. T.V. Johnson said.

Welcome news, indeed.

This Looks Interesting

Sent: 05 May 05 11.06
To: West Point Class Leaders
Subject: Update on 60 Minutes 2005 Coverage

Dear Class Leaders,

I got a return message based on the information I provided on the 60 Minutes piece on the Class of 2005, expressing some concern that the coverage might not be positive. Because I thought there might be some credibility to that concern I contacted our Public Affairs Office and posed the question. The following is what they have provided.

"-We anticipate a positive story from CBS-TV's "Sixty Minutes" that will set the tone for other graduation media coverage. In particular, we are pleased that throughout the project we were able to remain true to our original premise so the segment will focus on how West Point has changed and how cadets (Class of 2005) prepare to meet the challenges of today's OEF/OIF world environment. The segment will feature several aspects of West Point to include interviews with the Dean and several First Class cadets and footage of classes, technology, Sandhurst military skills competition, etc. It will also include interviews with 1LT Andy Blickhahn (former Cadet First Captain now serving in Iraq) and Dr Leonard Wong from the U.S. Army War College on adaptable leaders.

Barring any major breaking news, CBS-TV 60 Minutes is scheduled to air the segment on this Sunday, May 8, at 7 p.m. EST. It should be the second story to run (a Vladimir Putin story may be first) and has quite a long run-time at 12 and a half minutes."

I'll be interested to see what the young Cadets are doing these days...

Paula Abdul... so guilty, it's not even funny. She should start looking for a new job now.

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