Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Durbin Must Go- Happy July 4th!

I'm usually a forgive and forget kind of guy.

But I will never forgive Senator Durbin for saying what he said about the brave men and women who put their lives on the line for him on a daily basis.

He is an enemy of the United States and should not win another election. Ever. For any office.

I will gladly assist any and all efforts to ensure that Dick Durbin is voted out of office, and I would ask anyone who would ever consider voting for him to look themselves in the mirror and strongly consider the implications of their actions.

The following post is borrowed from the great people at (Many thanks to Joe Wierzbicki)

****From MoveAmericaForward.Org****

Bloggers, website hosts, and others who support the war against terrorism and our troops who bravely fight it. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Tuesday night President Bush gave a speech from Fort Hood to rally public support for our troops and the important missions they are serving in the fight against terrorism.

There should be NO DOUBT that the President's opponents will surely use the following days as a staging ground to step up their continuing political insurgency - designed to undermine support amongst Americans for the fight against terrorism just as the terrorist insurgents in Iraq seek to undermine support amongst the Iraqi citizenry for a free, democratic and peaceful Iraq.

The political insurgents of the "Blame America First" crowd in America launched their jihad against Operation Iraqi Freedom before it even began (actually even before Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan when led by Congresswoman Barbara Lee they implored us to "Bomb Them With Bread").

They tell us the war in Iraq has nothing to do with Al Qaeda even as their liberal journalist brethren report on the near daily attacks against civilians and Coalition Forces alike by the group "al Qaeda in Iraq" led by Abu Musab Al Zarqawi.

Increasingly, they've resorted to the macabre practice of celebrating "bad news" in the war effort - hoping such news will once and for all discreditthe Bush Administration and anyone who supports the mission in Iraq. They impatiently waited like groupies lined up in advance of a big rock concert for the day the death toll of U.S. Troops in Iraq reached 1,000 - ready with their pre-printed newspaper headlines and NightLine specials to decry thewar effort.

And in recent weeks they've sunk to new lows - orchestrating a multi-front propaganda campaign to make the American public believe that our own sons and daughters serving at GITMO had become infected with some real life "Lord of the Flies" syndrome. becoming the butchers and torturers of the "Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime-Pol Pot or others-that had no concern for human beings."

That last quote of course belongs to Senator Dick Durbin - which gets us to our point.

That the Senator from Illinois was able to utter those words and proceed without a slap on the wrist, without censure by the Senate, and with a near media blackout of his abhorrent behavior by the old line liberal media establishment (aka "mainstream media") cannot be something we tolerate.

We must stand toe to toe with the likes of Senator Durbin in the battle for the hearts and minds of the American public, and we must not allow conduct like Senator Durbin's to stand without consequence.

We need the help of you and your readers/followers/admirers/friends/loved ones and others - to make an example of Senator Dick Durbin. We must make the American public (who largely are still unaware of the Senator's initial statements) aware that these are the tactics being used by those who wish to rile them up into a frenzied state of "BRING THEM HOME NOW" Vietnamization.

On July 4th - Independence Day from those who seek to undermine our national resolve - we will begin a television ad campaign to hold Senator Dick Durbin accountable for his denouncement of our troops. The first ad, "TorturedWords," will air nationwide on cable news channels (Fox News, CNN, etc.) and in Illinois on the major broadcast affiliates (ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.)

However, we need your help to raise the remaining money for airtime in just a few days time.

We are about $174,832 short of our initial budget for the ad campaign. That means we need another 6,993 Americans to contribute an average of $25 to the ad campaign. (Or less Americans to contribute a slightly larger amount).

We haven't got much time to get our order for airtime in with the networks -will you please help us spread word of our efforts - and need for assistance?

The first ad - "TORTURED WORDS" can be seen at our website:

Direct link to the first ad is:

And individuals may contribute online at:

We plan to keep the pressure up after this initial ad run - with a longer 60-second spot featuring the Senator in his own words - but 60-second ads cost twice as much as our current 30-second spot, so first things first. We must pay for our more modest media budget before we worry about the future.

In the 24-hour media cycle we have a tendency to move on to the next story before the last one has ever been fully told. We CANNOT afford to do this with Senator Durbin. We must push back for once and turn the tables in the war for hearts and minds. Let us return the news cycle to the need to hold Senator Durbin accountable and let us demonstrate to those who relish a return to the 1960's that they best put their plans for Woodstock 2006, their campus riots and their spitting upon returning U.S. Troops on hold. We're not going to let them conjure up that kind of America again.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Sincerely, Melanie Morgan & Howard Kaloogian
Move America Forward

P.S. Lest you think our commitment to this cause is not complete, please note that later today we will be sending you an update on "The Truth Tour" -we will be traveling to Iraq July 7th -17th, along with fellow MAF BoardMember, Lt. Col. (Ret.) Buzz Patterson (the man who carried the nuclear football during the Clinton Administration), leading a delegation of talk radio hosts who will interview our troops and allow them to report to America on the accomplishments they are making in Iraq that never get reported by certain media outlets. We're prepared to walk the walk ourselves - and not just ask others to help us in this just cause.

****End Post form MoveAmericaForward.Org****

Have a great 4th, everyone- I'll be honeymooning!!

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