Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Back In the Saddle

Thanks for all the kind words- it's really great to be back. Let me try to catch up with a few things that I missed during the hiatus:

1) Charles Graner: I agree with Black5- he should've gotten the max. Still, I won't complain. Kudos to the military jury that saw fit to ignore the outrageous defense thoery that he was "following orders." As if somebody would ever give the order to play naked twister with a bunch of prisoners and expect it to be followed. If I had been given such an order and been dumb enough to follow it, I'd be ashamed to admit it. Anyway- my heart goes out to the child that Charles and Lynndie conceived. Good luck, kiddo...

2) To everybody who's been asking me about what's happening in Fallujah: It should be obvious. You're not hearing anything about it on the MSM. Draw your own conclusions. Remember when Najaf was the hottest topic of the day? Whatever happened to Najaf?

3) Brad and Jennifer: I'm just as stunned as everyone else. To the best of my knowledge, the Pentagon had nothing to do with this unfortunate split. That doesn't mean that Rumsfeld won't have to answer some questions about it- stay tooned.

4) To anyone who sent me an email during the last 2 weeks: I'll respond, I promise. Please give me a couple days. Thanks for caring enough to write. I greatly appreciate all your emails and comments.

More Current Stuff

I watched the exchange between Condi Rice and Barbara Boxer today. It reminded me of my last post before the hiatus- that big debate we had. I think Ms. Rice handled it well. We'll hear more about this...

The Iraqi Election is coming up. It will happen, and it will be historic. I'll devote all of next week's post to this subject, and I have a "Cut to the Chase" interview set up for the 24th. It'll probably be available for streaming on the 25th. I promise to deliver the most honest and informative assessment possible.

Has anyone heard Sean Hannity's new Weekly Wrap-up segment? It's some of the funniest stuff ever. I love the guy who does the Ted Kennedy impression. They're all really good with the voices. There's a free link on his site right now. Go check it out...

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