Saturday, January 01, 2005

Hang Your Head in Shame

I wasn't going to touch on this topic, but the outrage has become more than I can bear. How can anyone- I mean anyone- find it in their heart to politicize or in any way agendicize (my word- I invented it) the Tsunami Disaster? It boggles the mind to think that anyone (other than maybe Osama bin Laden) can do this. But it happens. I won't rant about it. It's been done already. Here's what John Podhoretz had to say about the Bush-bashing opportunists from hell:

The political and ideological exploitation of perhaps the worst natural disaster in all our lifetimes is almost beyond belief — were it not for the fact that nothing these days is beyond belief.

Even as tears spring into the most hard-hearted person's eyes at both the unimaginable scope of the tragedy and at the wrenching individual stories of loss, opinion leaders just can't help themselves.

They are using this cataclysm as little more than cheap debate fodder about the nature and character of the United States, its president and its citizens.

Don't misunderstand.

It is fine and proper to have a debate and discussion about the degree of generosity the United States could, should and must show in the wake of this literally earth-shaking event.

But at this moment, the United States is not the issue.

The foreign-aid budget of the United States is not the issue.

Our government should not be the focal point of the discussion right now.

Don't we owe the dead, dying and injured the minimal grace not to convert their suffering into a chat-show segment — the latest left-right clash over the Bush Presidency?

And couldn't the editorialists at The New York Times have forborne — even just for a week — making use of the tsunami to complain about U.S. government spending on "development aid"?

There's more.

Here's what Neal Boortz had to say about the anti-American opportunists from hell:

In the meantime, certain people aren't missing the opportunity to use this disaster to attack the United States and President Bush. CNN was carrying a video clip yesterday showing a disaster survivor screaming "Please tell the world, where is America?" Bear in mind, there is no way in the world that this individual could have had any idea as to who was doing what insofar as relief efforts were concerned. He had just survived a terrible natural disaster and may well have lost members of his family, and there he is asking "Where is America?" His screams just validate what most of us already know ... when times get rough pretty well anywhere in the world the people affected look to America for help. One day they may be demonstrating outside an American embassy demanding for the withdrawal of all things American from their part of the world, and they next day they reflexively look to America for rescue.

America will once again show its generosity and goodness to the world as this disaster unfolds. Ironically it is the very strength that allows us to help at times like these that will insure the continuation of the animosity against our country. It might be a good time to remember that poll that was taken just prior to the presidential election. A surveyed showed that 58% of the various nationalities polled wanted to see the United States and its role in world affairs weakened. A weakened United States could not respond to this disaster in as meaningful a way. These people will put aside their desires for American weakness until this tragedy is passed. Then it will be back to business as usual.

There's more to this one as well. Make sure you go and check out the picture he shows with this post. Make sure you have a barf-bag handy.

If you find anyone spouting off with any of this nonsense, then by all means- command them to hang their head in shame. There's just no excuse...

Meet Logan, Iraqi Boy Wonder

This just in from my new favorite Milblog- In Iraq for 365 (thanks, Andre):

Iraqi boy assists Soldiers as an interpreter and a friend
MOSUL, Iraq – If the Army had an adopt-a-child program, Logan would be the poster child. For more than a year, the 13-year-old boy, who contends he’s 13 and a half, has lived and worked with Coalition forces at a forward operating base in Mosul. The boy speaks four languages and his official title at the FOB is translator and supervisor, but he is a Soldier at heart.

“I want to be an American Soldier when I grow up,” he said. “I really want to be a specialist because those are the guys doing all the work.” With tours with the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division and the Stryker Brigade, when Logan enlists, he may be the most experienced private to ever join the Army.

Go read it. Quick!

Back to the War

Great debate about my last post- if you haven't read the comments, please read them. I believe that the most valuable information and perspectives come out in debates. Real debates- not scripted dog and pony shows.


There's a great post about Chalabi at the Iraqi Elections Blog. I met him when he visited Mosul last year (before he "fell from grace"). I'm not sure what to think of the guy. When the professors complained about pay, he blamed it on the US. We had been breaking our backs trying to fix the pay issues- but the red tape disaster that existed in Baghdad was difficult to overcome. We weren't to blame- Chalabi was. But he ducked the shot and laid the blame on us while we were standing right next to him! Unbelievable. On the other hand, Geraldo Rivera likes the guy. I'm so confused. Anyway- read the article before you form your own opinion. And make sure you bookmark this site! It's important stuff, I assure you.

And Finally

Hope everyone is enjoying a spectacular New Year!

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