Friday, December 24, 2004

Can't Miss Interview

Last night, I stayed up late and called a guy named Marshall Masters (of YOWUSA) for a radio interview- his show is called Cut to the Chase:

An American officer who fought his way into Iraq in 2003, during his first tour of duty is now serving his second tour of duty in Kuwait. Known to netizens as Captain 2Slick, he spends his days fighting the war and his nights fighting the injustices of the American media on his war blog <>. In this interview, he unravels the agenda-driven spin of the American media, many of who seem to view their blatant mismanagement of the war news as means to an end. The collateral damage that their efforts are causing is deadly to our war fighters and to our chances of achieving victory. Yet, what is truly history making about this interview is that it is unfiltered and direct.

His site can only be described as "outside the box"- and our discussion was excellent. I enjoyed it (if I seem a little tired, it's because I was up way past my bedtime), and I thank Mr. Masters for helping to get the truth out. Please listen to it and let me know what you think.


Thanks for all the amazing feedback! I'm glad you all got something out of it. I've already scheduled another interview which we'll do about a week prior to the Iraqi elections. I plan to discuss the growing relevance of Iraqi blogs among other things. Really- thanks for listening, and thanks for all your incredible support...

Rumsfeld's Surprise Visit

Fox just showed a meeting that Rumsfeld just had with some troops in Tikrit- the meeting followed his recent "failure to support the troops" while visiting them in Mosul on X-mas Eve. Smiles all around. Soldiers thanked him and said they appreciated his leadership. Therefore, this has no chance of getting any circulation in the press. Prove me wrong press people. Please prove me wrong.

Whenever someone suggests that Rumsfeld doesn't care about the troops, please ask that person how many times they've visited wounded troops at military hospitals. Then ask them if they should be saying these things about a man who practically lives in those hospitals. Tell them to go visit a military hospital just once. It's not an easy thing to do. It would be tougher if you were one of the people who sent them into combat. But the SECDEF does it- all the time.

Back to his meeting with the troops- SECDEF lashed out at the press- specifically Al-Jihada, but he expressed confidence in the American people and their ability to filter out the garbage and find the truth for themselves. I agree with him. Let's see how much coverage this gets.

VDH Watch

Victor Davis Hanson agrees with me- about Rumsfeld and the rogue MSM. Good!

This is Cool

Dave Letterman will be taping his show in the building next to mine in about 2 hours. I will be there. Maybe he'll have "Stupid Milblogger Tricks?"


Just returned from the show- Dave, Paul, and Biff were hilarious! Very good of them to come out and see us. The troops LOVED it! That place was jam packed and everyone was going nuts the whole time. It wasn't a real "show" (it wasn't taped or anything) it was just sort of a "talent show" hosted by Dave and Paul. Very funny and entertaining. I took some pics and I'll try to post them tomorrow.

Some of you may have seen a comment by "gun toting liberal" yesterday- he did have a point. It'll be a while before any of you see my video (which is separate from the footage that I'm including in Desert Sky), but I do have some good pics from Mosul that I can post. I'll post them tomorrow. I apologize if I came across as obnoxious in my response, Mr. Liberal- wasn't my intent. I was just having fun. Thanks all- and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

About the CW5 in the Franken Picture

I promised "the bronze" that I would write about our new CW5 today. He showed up to our unit about 10 days ago. I went and picked him up at the bus stop. First thing I noticed about him (besides the fact that he could have been my long lost grandpa) was his 101st combat patch. I said, "Hey man! I've got a 101st combat patch," which I turned and showed him, "and our Section Chief, LTC %#%, has one, too! Mine is from OIF last year, and the Chief's is from Desert Storm. Which one is yours from?"

He just looked at me funny. I knew that look. It was a friendly enough look- but it was a look that carried an unspoken message- "I was flying choppers through bullet-storms before your candy a$$ ever saw the light of day."


He nodded. Right then it hit me. I was going to be working with a guy who's been putting himself on the line for his country since well before I was born. What an unbelievable honor. We just don't find many Vietnam Vets around here anymore. He's got some amazing stories, as I'm sure you can imagine. I got to know him pretty well during a recent drive to Camp Doha- he's a really great guy, and I'm glad he's on board.

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