Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Last Call

Well, we all threw in yesterday and brought the total from $600 to more than $900! Thanks so much for contributing! If you missed out- we still have one day left for you to help us crash through the $1000 milestone for the Lizardoid Nation's Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge Team- we can do it, folks!


My dear mother just read the new book, Iraq: Providing Hope, and here's her review:

You have 3 pages in the book...all about the Mosul $$'s great!!! I'll bet lots of people will buy it!

In case you have trouble understanding "proud motherspeak"- let me translate for you:

Hello son. Congratulations for having your work included in the new book, Iraq:Providing Hope. I found the book to be quite good. I especially enjoyed the 3 pages that covered your experience with reconstruction efforts in Mosul. I believe Eric Holmes is a very good author, and I commend his decision to include your contribution in his book. In my opinion, many people will buy it.

I haven't read it yet, but I tend to agree. If you want to know what the media isn't telling you about what we did (and are still doing) in Iraq, then buy your copy today. I won't receive any monetary compensation- I just want you all to know the truth. It's why I started this site!

Al Franken Visit

Thanks for all the great ideas about what I should do for Al's upcoming visit. I think I have a plan- we'll see how it works out. If all goes well, I might be posting a picture or two (not of me) for the first time since starting this blog.

Thanks to Chap for this:

--CNN interview with Franken re USO tour

--Franken discussing his tour in the magazine Mother Jones

--Al Franken's brother Owen on the last trip

I wish I could engage him in a discussion about the effect his political efforts have on the troops he's visiting.

Well Chap- maybe I'll be able to do just that. Stay tooned!

At the Risk of Sounding Like Larry King...

It's off to the races- go get 'em Iraqis.

Michael Moore is the worst of the worst- which is why this is so great!

Small Town Vet brings us another gem.

I think teachers are important- don't you?

Sometimes, Leaf's just plain Right.

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