Sunday, December 05, 2004

MilBlogger Down

From a bulletin that I just received from Greyhawk of the Mudville Gazette:

"...we just discovered Sgt. Lizzie, a young female GI in Iraq wounded in an IED attack on a convoy just three weeks prior to shipping out.

She’s genuine, though I haven’t met her myself, she doesn’t have paypal links or other such on her site, so this isn’t a play for cash. Her site is amazing in that she reads like what she is, a young college age girl blogging from Iraq. A real paradigm breaker for some, no surprise to others. She’s well as can be expected, and her spirits seem high..."

She really is an amazing spirit- even after the incident. From her most recent post:

I have been making friends in the ward, the guy in the bed to my left had a motorcycle accident while home and then tore his stitches again when he got here. We have been talking quite a bit back and forth and it has helped the extreme boredom. Other guys have been in and out, getting medevaced to Lanstuhl. We got a new one in this afternoon, another IED like me, and he is doing well also. He just walked into the MWR room here, so he is up and walking now:)

Please go check out her site, and it might be nice to leave a comment or send an email- it sounds like she's already flooded with them, but she can always use more.

I've known soldiers like her in every unit I've served in. She is the kind of person who can keep everyone "grounded in reality" when things start to get a little "tense" for lack of a better term. People like her are absolutely essential to have around in time of war.

I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing her a complete and speedy recovery. And like SGT Lizzie says in one of her posts, think about the family of the other soldier in her truck- the one who didn't survive the attack. Let's keep them in our thoughts as well...

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