Thursday, December 16, 2004

CHANGE!!!!!! Desert Sky Feature on MSNBC FRIDAY NIGHT

Really sorry about this! This from Eric the Director:

I received a call from MSNBC this afternoon.

I've been moved to tomorrow's show (Friday 17DEC) in order to place my interview on the same show with General (Ret) Tommy Franks. They're hoping for a special military edition of Scarborough Country. The show will still be on at the same time:10PM Eastern, 9PM Central, 8PM Mountain and 7PM Pacific. FOX pulled the same 'delay' thing on me... they must be in cahoots.

Sorry for the last minute change,

Eric Simon

Desert Sky

I just learned that he would have been competing with the Apprentice, which means nobody would have seen him anyway. Really sorry about this last minute change. The TV people are obviously very unpredictable. My apologies if you watched MSNBC for no reason.

Eric sent me an advance copy of the film, and I watched it yesterday (it did not yet include my footage/commentary)- and I was absolutely blown away. Eric has a gift. He managed to condense all the amazing feelings and emotions of a tumultuous one year deployment into this 90-minute film. It was amazing. I really felt like I was reliving the entire experience- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Make sure you watch MSNBC Friday night at 10 pm. And when the film finally does come out- make sure you get it! Proceeds from the film will benefit a scholarship fund for the children of soldiers who were killed while serving with the 159th Aviation Brigade in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

That's the Spirit!

We made it past $1000!!! I don't know who the funny person was- somebody brought us to $1001. I laughed hard when I saw that. Whoever it was- THANKS!! And thanks to all who contributed to this very worthy cause. Great Americans all!!!!

This Guy Thinks Like Me!

As I stated earlier, I rode through the streets of Mosul almost every single day when I was in Iraq. I never really had much cargo- it was usually just me and my "stash of cash" (a briefcase full of money and paperwork). However, the only way I could travel was in a convoy of 3 humvees. None were armored, but some of them had doors and some even had sandbags on the floorboards! Let me put this in perspective for you- if I wanted to take the 5-mile trip from Mosul Airfield to Mosul University, I had to bring my briefcase, my weapon, all my "battle-rattle" AND 3 humvees, 3 well-armed soldiers in each vehicle (so we always travelled with at least 9 troops), ample 2-way communication platforms, and of course a crew-served weapon in the trail vehicle.

Call me crazy, but isn't that a little much? Well, that policy came into effect as a result of the daily IED attacks that started up soon after we arrived. I didn't argue with the policy- I understood the need for protection. But it certainly wasn't what I would have preferred. If I had my choice- I would have worn a long white robe, a male head scarf (a checkerboard one like Yassir used to wear), and a fake beard and mustache- and I would have travelled in an orange and white junker cab with one or two of my fellow soldiers (all dressed like me). I would have preferred this mode of travel for the obvious reason- we would not have looked like a gigantic 30-foot long bullseye travelling down the road. We would have essentially been invisible to the general public as we made our way through town. I think it was Mr. Myagi who once said, "Best way defend from attack- is no be there!"

Of course we couldn't risk travelling like that- firepower and security issues- but I personally would have preferred it. That's just me. Anyway, our friend Van at Positaria follows a similar line of thinking- and I like what he came up with.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Guess what? I got my dates screwed up- Al came today- not Friday as I thought he would. I was out on a mission all day today, so I missed him. This won't surprise any of you who know me personally- but 2Slick does not give up so easily.

As soon as I became aware of the mix-up, I realized I had about 2 hours to react. I called my boss (a kind hearted Major who knows nothing about my site) and made my peculiar request. I said "Sir, are you aware that Al Franken will be coming by our office soon?" (all visiting "dignitaries" come by our office- we work in a pretty high-vis area).

He said that he was well aware.

"Well- would you mind doing me a favor?"

I told him my request. He was a bit perplexed, but he's a good man- he did exactly as I asked. Therefore, I now have an 8x11 picture of Bill O'Reilly signed by none other than Al Franken. Al laughed when he saw it, and said "Sure I'll sign that thing!" He grabbed it and signed "To CPT 2Slick, Al Franken" right across Bill's mug. A picture of Al signing it will be posted as soon as I get it.

I also put in a request to have Al call me on my cell phone. That he did not. Oh well...

Quick Hits

The 101st is going back. No surprise there. I'll be with you in spirit, Screaming Eagles- Git 'er done!

SGT Hook is finished? I think (hope) he'll be back...

I am truly very honored- thanks!

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