Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tsunami Help

This is looking to be the worst disaster of our time. I just found this site. I'm sure lots of people want to help.

Liberal Voice in Iraq

It's not what you think, I promise! This guy is a "real" liberal- much different than the "fake" liberals that you'd find in Hollywood (end controversial potshot). He believes in helping people and making the world a better place. Check it:

I was watching al Arabiya yesterday and they showed a report about the American families that came with supplies they gathered to help civilians of Fallujah. It was very refreshing and heart warming even for guys like me who have firm belief in the American people's good will. To see families who had their son's, daughters and beloved ones killed in 9/11 and even in Iraq cross all this distance and take all this risk to help Iraqis left me speechless.

There's a lot of distrust and fear among Iraqis and Americans in Iraq (this holds true only in the centre of Iraq, as the situation in the north and south is much better than here) and what these families have done come in a very critical stage and bares a great significance and I just wish it gets more exposure than what it's getting now. I wish you could see the look on my friend's face as he was telling me about how surprised and impressed with the efforts of these great people. These guys have built a strong bridge of compassion and love even though they are the ones who paid the most through this struggle, and I hope there will be more bridges from both sides to help restore the trust and love that means so much for the future of the whole world. God bless you and God bless your beloved ones' souls.

Go to his site, and welcome this great Iraqi to the blogosphere. His name is Ali, but he's not the same Ali that just left ITM. Thanks to Michael Totten for the tip.

News Doctoring 101

Michael Totten also did a nice job deconstructing a recent AFP article. You have to go see it to believe it.

I Think I Might Watch This

Decision 2005- Iraqi style!

Insurgents Come Up Short in Mosul

Check out the latest from Slobodan Lekic- he writes about a recent battle in Mosul that didn't go so well for the bad guys. Looks like he's backed off a bit from the terrorist-propaganda stance that he took with this article that caused me to write this rebuttal. Maybe he knows we're watching him now, because I didn't find anything all that appalling in his most recent piece. Let me know if I'm wrong...

Holy Rotorheads, Batman!

I had no idea so many of you were so well-versed on the superior mode of flight. I was incredibly impressed, and I'll willingly admit that many of you know a good deal more about this stuff than I do. Especially Quilly and Mike- the guys who noticed the 4 blades instead of 5. When I saw Mike's comment, I thought- "Yeah, I remember them having 5 blades, too!" So I opened up my photo file, and I saw some more pictures with only 4 blades. Guess what? They just hadn't hung the 5th blade yet. I finally came upon a shot that we took yesterday morning that shows all 5 blades hanging proudly:

Image Hosted by
Nice catch!

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