Tuesday, November 02, 2004



Florida is already in the Bush column, and now Ohio is Bush by 7% with 42% of the votes tallied. Michael Moore- it's time to put on a wig and start singing- the traitorous villain that you call a Presidential candidate is done. Thank you America. Thanks to the Swift Vets and all the other courageous people who had knowledge of the true John Kerry and were brave enough to bring it forward and do battle with a hostile and biased media. They served their country well in Vietnam, and now 30+ years later- they served bravely once again...

To those who voted for Kerry- I believe your intentions were more than honorable, and I commend you for exercising your right to vote. You are all great Americans for that. I hope you'll find comfort with the knowledge that there will be some very disturbing information about John Kerry coming out in the very near future that will probably make you feel much better that your guy didn't win. In any case, I respect your opinions and I'm glad your guy lost.

Bush may not be the Lincoln or FDR that we'd prefer during these times, but I have no reason to doubt that he could possibly go down in history as one of the all-time greats. Time will tell. Give the guy a chance- the media has not been fair to him. Try and see past all the spin...

People say this election divided our country- I don't buy it. I think that many of us have different philosophical ideas for getting to the same place- we all want to make our country, and the world, a better place. My own brother voted for the loser in this election, and I couldn't care less. I love that kid! Politics will never be an excuse for harboring ill feelings toward anyone, as far as I'm concerned. Yes, I despise Kerry- but that has nothing to do with Politics. If Clinton were challenging Bush today (and there were no strategic implications in Iraq or anywhere else), you can bet that I would have been less than half-interested in the outcome.

Update: John Edwards just came out and announced that they were calling it a night. He said that they were going to "count every vote" and that they "waited four years for this victory- we can wait one more day." I'm not fooled. John Edwards is a good lawyer, but he will not be able to sue their way into the White House. Sorry, John. Back to ambulance chasing for you.

Election's over- let's move on to more important things. Let's do what we did in the 30's and 40's- unite behind a common cause (rid the world of evil), and enjoy the peace and prosperity that we are so amazingly fortunate to have.

2Slick out!!!!

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FOX News just showed a bunch of Marines hanging out in Fallujah- laughing, watching FOX News, and cheering for Bush- who appears to be winning a landslide. I wish every terrorist in the world could have seen that. If Bush were losing right now, we'd certainly be seeing celebrations breaking out in Syria and Iran and any other places where Islamofascism reigns supreme. What a nightmare that would have been.

I love this country. Not just for it's strength, courage, and determination- but for it's ability to rise to the occasion when times get tough.

It may not, in fact, wind up as a landslide- but it sure doesn't seem possible for Hanoi John to claim a seat in the White House anytime soon. Let's thank our lucky stars for THAT.

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Bush leads by 6% with almost 70% of the vote tallied. As it heads west (towards Republicans) and with the absentees (re: Military) yet to be counted- I'm putting Florida in the Bush column.

ROCK ON, W!!!!!!!!

Ohio looks good: Bush 51% Kerry 47% with 20% reporting.

Come on OHIO!!!!

Stay tooned....

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At 41% tallied, Yahoo reports Florida at:

George W. Bush
1,822,029 - 56 percent

John F. Kerry
1,415,004 - 43 percent

I like that. A lot.

Bush is doing MUCH better (everywhere) than the exit polls predicted. How is that possible I wonder?

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With 27% of the votes tallied in Florida, Bush enjoys a 55%-45% lead. Still many Dem-heavy precincts to round up, but Bush is holding strong on the I-4 beltway...

No real surprises thus far.

Got some weird noise about California being in play? Not holding my breath, but that would really be something.

Stay Tooned...

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With 12% of the votes counted in Florida- Bush is DESTROYING Kerry by a score of 57%-42%.

Best thing about it. The late-closing polls in the western half of the panhandle haven't even been counted yet- and those are military-heavy, Alabama-border Republican strongholds. Great job, Florida!!!! Keep it up!!!!

Let's make sure this continues. If this margin even hangs on a LITTLE BIT- they might call this one A LOT sooner than we thought. I'm telling you guys- it's the cell phones!!!! Polls are MEANINGLESS these days!

Things are looking GOOD so far.

Stay Tooned....

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Thanks for all your great updates and voting stories. I especially liked the story about the merry-go-round. Please keep posting or sending voting stories. It makes us feel closer to home.

Comforting news from Drudge!

Exit poll mania spread through media and campaign circles Tuesday afternoon after first wave of morning data showed Kerry competitive in key states.... National Election Pool -- representing six major news organization -- shows Kerry in striking distance -- with small 1% lead -- in Florida and Ohio, sources tell DRUDGE... [But early 2000 exit polls showed Gore +3 in Florida; showed Gore-Bush even in CO [Bush won by 9], exits showed Gore +4 in AZ [Bush won by 6]... Exits Senate races: Thune +4 Castor +3 Burr +6 Bunning +6 Coburn +6 Demint +4 Salazar +4...

The Repubs are at work, and after work- they're going to hit the polls and strike that deciding blow!!!

Even BETTER news from Captain's Quarters!!

Democratic Pollster Predicts Bush Victory

In one of the more unusual analyses of this presidential campaign, The Hill published a prediction of victory by George Bush in today's race. That may not sound unusual, but when the pundit making the prediction turns out to be
John Kerry's chief pollster Mark Mellman, it raises a few eyebrows

Keep fightin' the good fight!


Anonymous said...

Hey Brother,
Just wanted to let your world know that my world all voted for Kerry today...no hard feelings and may the best man win.

Love and hugs,

Dirty D

2Slick said...

Dirty D!

An honor to have you at the Forum, my dear brother!

Thanks for stopping by!

And thanks for doing your civic duty by casting your ballot! Are you being "assimilated?"

As a brother, I have to say that you are without equal. The best brother in the world and the best friend I've ever had...

Your guy's going DOWN!!!!!

Love ya like a brutha cuz that's what U R!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Bcus here-
I am going to call the senator race in South Dakota for Thune and bye bye to Daschle. Everything is sort of reminding me of a new version of the Reagan Revolution. Later 2Slick. Hope to see you soon.

2Slick said...

Hey Bcus. Yes, this election was definitely a sign that America has found itself once again. Very encouraging. Congrats for ridding the US Government of Daschle. That was long overdue.

Edwards just came out and announced that he was going to sue the American people for not voting him and Kerry into office. Given the size of the margin of victory in Ohio, I expect the concession speech tomorrow. Something to look forward too!!!

2Slick said...

Thought I'd stop by Michael Moore's site. You know, just to see how the jolly guy was feeling about the whole thing. Looks like he gave up two hours before the polls closed. This was his final post-

Dear Friends,

We’ve only got two hours left on the East Coast! I am in Cleveland and the turnout is huge. It was the same this morning as we went to polling sites in Florida. People waited for three hours to vote, but no one was deterred. One man told me “I’d wait in this line three days if I had to.” It’s raining here in Ohio, we’ve got a big bus and we’re pulling people out of their homes (gently!) handing out free umbrellas, ponchos, and bottles of water (the last item being slightly unnecessary, considering how soaked all of us already are!). I’ve been getting early tracking results from across the country and things are looking good – very good. But anything can happen in the last few hours. People are just getting out of work. The lines are going to be enormous. Tell everyone you know – as long as you are IN LINE before the closing time, they HAVE TO let you vote.

Early word has it that it is very tight in Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, and Iowa! Michigan – don’t let me down! If you haven’t voted, stop reading this and get down to the polls. Keep calling and e-mailing your address book.

This is it. The homestretch. Let’s do it!

Michael Moore

I'm so happy- there are no words...

Thank you all so so so much for denying this man his ultimate prize.

jdwill said...


Doing the happy dance, happy dance here in Michigan. We made a good showing, but Detroit is just too big and well organized to swing.

Daschle is down! There's a dog that's been needing a flea bath for a while.

Stay healthy.

2Slick said...

I'm right there with you, jd!

Thanks for your service, your commtiment, and your continued support.

Statement by Admiral Roy Hoffmann
founder of Swift Vets and POWs for Truth

"We are pleased with the fact that we were able to effectively bring attention to our issues and raise questions regarding Senator Kerry’s character, leadership ability and qualifications as a potential Commander in Chief. As we have stated since we formed, we believed that John Kerry’s actions in Vietnam, coupled with the reprehensible statements he made after he returned were serious and consequently made him unfit for command. The primary purpose of our organization was to provide a voice for the courageous and honorable veterans of Vietnam, more than 280 Swift Boat Vets, Coast Guardsmen and POWs who served their country with honor. Our national grassroots efforts produced donors in every state in the nation as we raised more than $26 million, with more than $7 million in online contributions. In addition, Swift Boat Veterans and former POW's visited dozens of states to take their message directly to the American people. We were the true embodiment of grassroots citizen action, complied fully with federal election law and had every right to participate in the public discussion of John Kerry's qualifications as Commander in Chief."