Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Desert Sky to be Featured on FOX News!

This UPDATED report just in from Eric the Director:

False alarm but a better solution:

FOX NEWS couldn't get a reliable satellite feed from Tucson to support me being on the show so they asked me to shift to Monday 29NOV.

This works even better because I will actually be in Massachusetts where I can drive a few hours south and be in the FOX studios in NY!

OR I'll do a satellite feed from Albany, NY or Pittsfield, MA. Either way, we're looking good for Monday.

I will know more on Friday when I call them.

Sorry to get everyone spooled up on this only to shut it down for the day.

In addition, I've spoken with a few professionals in the entertainment industry who feel that featuring Desert Sky on FOX's Dayside with Linda Vester will pretty much pave the way for a distributor... not that they'll come beating down my door but we'll have some credibility to bank on.

I will put out another update on Friday after I call Michelle the producer to finalize details.

Eric Simon
Desert Sky

This also gives us more time to get the word out. Please circulate this (new) news by any means available. Our little docu-project is about to get a national audience.

Make sure you watch Dayside on Monday (at 1 p.m. Eastern)...

Joining the Cause

Due to popular demand- I joined the very worthwhile Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge (you'll notice the nifty button to your left). If you click on it, you'll find out what it's all about. I'm proud to be a member of Little Green Football's Lizardoid Nation Team. The great people of Iraq appreciate your help...

Another Plug

Remember the book I mentioned last Friday- by Eric T. Holmes? Well, I just got an update from him as well-


Remember contributing to the Iraq book? It's right now being released.

For the new book Iraq: Providing Hope, right now I'm on:

Walter Platz Show in Ogden and Salt Lake City KLO 7:05 - 7:30 (MT) Wed Nov 24

Tony Gill Show in Boston and Springfield WAIC 3:25-3:55 (ET) Wed Nov 24

Martha Zoller Show in Atlanta WDUN 550 AM 11:00-11:20 (ET) Wed Nov 24

Lars Larson Show from Portland (and into 82 total cities nationwide) KXL 750 AM Portland 10:45-10:55 (PT) Wed 1 Dec (includes San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Las Vegas, Denver, Austin, Atlanta, St Louis, Kansas City, Jackson MS, and many

Ernie Brown Show from Las Vegas, Salem Radio Network 100+ markets 10:00-11:00 PM (MT) Wed Dec 1


Good stuff- please spread the word about the book as well. Here's the early scoop on it:

IRAQ: PROVIDING HOPE written by Eric Holmes

Personal stories from 50 people activly involved in freeing and rebuilding a new Iraq.

Please contact Timberwolf Press for more information and to pre-order.

Call office toll free to order: 888-808-0912 Or email information to:

And Finally

Back to actual blogging after the Thanksgiving Holiday- you guys need a break from me! Have a GREAT long weekend- and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!