Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I Can Finally Say It

I've been busy all day, so I haven't been able to "dive into the details" of the raging battle in Fallujah. One thing I would like to bring up, however, is something I wanted to write about for some time now. For the past several months, the media spin machine has taken much pleasure in writing about how U.S. forces have "allowed Fallujah to fall into the hands of the insurgents" and that Fallujah is a "no-go zone" and that Fallujah is just "one big black eye on the face of the Coalition effort." It's very easy to spin it that way (which is why they do it), but allow me to offer a different perspective.

What if the Coalition planners decided to let them set up a "safe" operations center that would, over time, develop such an appeal to all enemies of the coalition, that local insurgents and foreign extremists alike would come running from all parts of Iraq to "consolidate and organize?" Sort of like grabbing a megaphone and shouting "Attention all ye Ba'athists and Islamofascists!!! Safe area in Fallujah!!! Bring your friends!!! Anyone interested in killing children and/or driving car bombs welcome!!!!"

Now, instead of having them spread throughout the country, we have the bulk of them holed up in one "popular" spot. Like a roach motel. Insurgents check in, but they don't check out. Doesn't sound like such a failure now, does it? Observe:

Col. Michael Formica, commander of the 1st Cavalry Division's 2nd Brigade, said Tuesday that a security cordon around the city will be tightened to insure insurgents dressed in civilian clothing don't slip out.

"My concern now is only one- not to allow any enemy to escape. As we tighten the noose around him, he will move to escape to fight another day. I do not want these guys to get out of here. I want them killed or captured as they flee," he said.

Yep. That's a roach motel.

159th Movie Update

I recently received an update from my old 101st buddy (and prodigious filmmaker) Eric Simon- reference the movie that he's making about our Brigade's story in Iraq. Good news, I'm happy to report:

The DESERT SKY website has a new face. Due to web designer Robert Rees' coming deployment with 50th MED, the website has been turned over to Robin Kong a longtime friend of mine who is also helping to develop a marketing strategy to get the film into the public eye.

Jimmy Dunn (composer) and I met this week to continue scoring the film. He's brought in a cast of VERY talented musicians from his 30+ years of music to contribute to the project. Next week we hope to have the score completely written and have the recording finished by the second week in November.

The DVD will be priced at around $19.95. We were hoping for a release on November 7th or 15th but we won't have it ready until later in the month. We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, please visit the renovated site at 159thfilm.com and pass the word.

God Speed Robert Rees in your deployment. Thank you for donating your time in getting the website its desperately needed jump start. We are forever grateful.


Eric Simon
Director, DESERT SKY

Sounds like I'll be seeing Robert Rees in a few days. I'll be looking for you, Bob! Don't forget that proceeds from the purchase of this film (and any funds generated by this blog) will benefit scholarship funds for the children of soldiers that were killed in action while serving with the 159th Aviation Brigade during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Eric told me in a recent email that he's still scanning through my footage, but that "some of it is already slated to be in the film." I'm proud to be part of such a noble project. Thanks again to "Team Atlanta" for shipping my tapes to him in such a timely manner. If you haven't checked out the website- please give it a look...

Getting the Word Out

The site took an amazing number of hits yesterday, and I eventually solved the mystery during the course of my "daily reads." The first site I always go to is Little Green Footballs (the uberblog that brought down Dan Rather), and I immediately noticed this plug for Beautiful Atrocities that advertised an "excellent round-up of the many US military personnel who are blogging their experiences live from Iraq." So I followed the link to Beautiful Atrocities, and the mystery was solved:

2Slick'sForum: Fascinating analysis of Fallujah insurgents' attempt to influence American election: "They did everything to lure us into the fight before Election Day- but we resisted. Because WE were calling the shots, & WE had total control of the situation."

Unbelievable! There were many other milblogs listed- some I hadn't ever heard of. As soon as I get some time, I'll link to all of them. Thanks to LGF and Beautiful Atrocities for helping us cut through the media spin and get the truth to the people.

And Finally...

If you haven't read this article from VDH- you should read it. It's the best post-election article I've read so far.


Anonymous said...

I have come to love Beautiful Atrocites for his quick wit and sharp tongue.

I am also delighted the internet now enables the common people to get their works of art out to the public. I would rather spend $20 buying alternative films off the internet than $10 to see a movie created and distributed by Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, reminds me of Jehu

Reaganesque said...

Hellllloooo :)

mikem said...

If you see COL Formica, please say hi. I served with him at Fort Hood in 1995 on a couple of NTC rotations. He is a great officer.

Mike Mainello, retired
27th MSB

2Slick said...

Mike M,

You are correct- he is a great officer. I saw him briefly about 2 months ago. If I happen to see him again before I leave, I'll be sure to pass the message. Congrats on your retirement, and thank you for your service...

Anonymous said...

Great post. The textbooks on counterinsurgency recommend letting the guerrilas have safe zones, which they grow to rely on. Once they are dependent, then you smash them. Everybody knows this. Can't the guys at NYT read anything about, say, the Malayasian crisis in the 1950s before they write their stupid articles?

Anonymous said...

Come on, the "safe haven" trap would only work if your opponent was a drooling moron, the type of idiot that would think disorganized handfuls of men running around could hold off a Marine division with air support, or that a viable way to attack an truck convoy with armored escort was to drive up to it with a pickup and a guy in the back with an RPG. Where do you find an opponent that stupid...

Well, maybe it was a brilliant trap after all.