Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Enemy Within?

I just finished a long two-day mission, so forgive me if I seem a bit "curt" today.

It's about 9:00 pm (Kuwait time), and I just logged on at the Cyberstation. When I pulled up my own personalized MyYahoo! page, I saw a headline that immediately caught my eye:

Bush Paints Rosy Picture of Iraq Situation

Wow, I thought. That sounds an awful lot like:

Bush is a Big Stupid Jerk and the Iraq War is Wrong Wrong Wrong

Before I even clicked on the story to read it, a single thought crossed my mind- this is the first time in my life that I've ever looked at a headline and knew right away who the author was before even looking at the story. In fact- off hand, I probably can't think of a name of any other wire reporter in existence. But I knew her name. It's Jennifer Loven. I knew it was her because of the experience I had the last time I was so "affected" by a headline:

President Bush Twists Kerry's Words on Iraq

I'm not kidding- that was really the headline. And when I read the story, I couldn't believe what my eyes were reading:

Campaigning by bus through hotly contested Wisconsin on Friday, Bush sought to counter recently sharpened criticism by Kerry about his Iraq policies:

-He stated flatly that Kerry had said earlier in the week "he would prefer the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein to the situation in Iraq today." The line drew gasps of surprise from Bush's audience in a Racine, Wis., park. "I just strongly disagree," the president said.

But Kerry never said that. In a speech at New York University on Monday, he called Saddam "a brutal dictator who deserves his own special place in hell." He added, "The satisfaction we take in his downfall does not hide this fact: We have traded a dictator for a chaos that has left America less secure."

Seriously. This was actually published with the AP header and everything. The headline was eventually altered to read Bush, Kerry Twisting Each Other's Words. I guess the first headline was a little too obvious. After reading that unbelievably biased and dishonest article, I immediately Googled the author's name- "Jennifer Loven." And you know what? Everything became perfectly clear. Go ahead. Try it. There's a Google box at the top of this screen. Jennifer Loven. Copy it and paste it. Don't want to? OK- here's what you would have found among the top six links:

The Pelican File - Reporter - JENNIFER LOVEN
JENNIFER LOVEN. Associated Press ... Kerry Accuses Bush of Incompetence.

Power Line: Jennifer Loven, Democratic Operative
... Jennifer Loven, Democratic Operative. Jennifer Loven, the AP reporter who wrote the absurd "President Bush Twists...

Power Line: Discussion on Jennifer Loven, Democratic Operative
Democratic advocate Jennifer Loven in this post showing her...

HOG ON ICE: Jennifer Loven, AP Stooge for Kerry
September 25, 2004. Jennifer Loven, AP Stooge for Kerry ... It was written by one Jennifer Loven. Wonder who she's going to vote for...

Joe Kelley's The Sake Of Argument: AP: We Report, We Decide, II
July 22, 2003. AP: We Report, We Decide, II. REPORT: The AP's Jennifer Loven reports on the Bush administration's attempt to defend against claims President Bush used misleading tactics to garner support for war against Iraq...

Notice a pattern here? A little further investigation reveals the following:

In Georgetown's East Village, Roger Ballentine and his wife Jennifer Loven have sold their quaint two bedroom semi- detached Federal house at 1346 29th Street, N.W.

Roger Ballentine is president of Green Strategies, a consulting firm specializing in energy and environmental issues, and was previously deputy assistant to President Clinton for environmental initiatives and chairman of the White House Climate Change Task Force. He also sits on the board of directors of Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF)along with actors Ed Begley, Jr. and Larry Hagman. Jennifer Loven is a reporter for the Associated Press.

See that? She's married to a former deputy assistant to President Clinton! Never would have guessed...

But I digress. Let's get back to the article that I just finished reading- Bush Paints Rosy Picture of Iraq Situation (as of 9:23 pm Kuwait time Nov 13th 2004, the headline has not yet changed). Just look at the first two paragraphs, and it's like deja vu all over again:

President Bush painted a rosy picture of the situation in Iraq, claiming significant progress Saturday in the U.S. military's battle in an insurgent stronghold.

In his weekly radio address, Bush praised the assault on Fallujah, west of Baghdad. About 80 percent of the city was said to be under U.S. control, with insurgents pushed into a narrow corner. But the battle has claimed at least 24 American lives and wounded about 170 U.S. troops, and violence has now spread to other Sunni Muslim areas of Iraq.

Wow, that sounds a lot like:

No matter what Bush says, he is a big stupid jerk for starting the Iraq War- he caused at least 24 American troops to lose their lives in the past few days and about 170 are wounded. Not only that- things are actually worse in Iraq as a result of their sacrifice!

Nice work, Jennifer.

Let's not focus on the fact that these brave Americans exterminated more than 1200 terrorists in a span of 4 days (that's unprecedented, by the way).

Let's not bring up the fact that we knew that violence would erupt throughout Iraq long before we started the offensive in Fallujah- it's called "reacting to a massive offensive" and it's a common occurrence in most wars, believe it or not.

Indeed, let's pretend that the outbreak of violence was an unexpected setback. Even better- let's portray the operation in Fallujah as a "catastrophic blunder" and let's try to trick the American people into thinking that those brave soldiers died for no reason. It's such a worthwhile lie to propagate because Bush is such a jerk!! How could the American people have been so stupid to vote him back in? Must not have lied enough in those AP stories...

The Most Amazing Realization

As I type this I'm wondering- are these reporters in the now-infamous MSM really that determined to see us fail in Iraq?

I think I had the answer 2 weeks ago, but I just failed to see it. Hold on tight, because this part may really surprise you. About 3 days before the election, I helped in a Swiftee campaign to "get the story out" about Kerry's discharge. I emailed the NY Sun article to a provided list of media outlets and I immediately forgot all about it. Until 2 days later, when I got a response. The response was from an NBC news reporter named John Hockenberry. Google his name. He's "an Emmy award-winning news correspondent. Tells his story of war zones, wheelchairs, and declarations of indepedence." Remember the part about him reporting on war zones.

He didn't like that I sent him that article, and I guess he didn't like the attached Letter to John Kerry. He said some mean things to me (and I'm a nice guy, gosh dangit!). I don't want to get into the whole exchange, as it's mostly just him insulting me and the military, and me doing my darndest against this emmy-winning thug. But here's a quick peek:

2Slick baby,

Sorry, never would have expected an officer to speak so ignorantly. I've been in Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel. Jordan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon, and Pakistan. As for being ignorant of the military, ouch, wrong about that one too. I have two relatives buried at Arlington. But hey, making blanket statements about people seems to be a real talent over there at DOD. At least you know the difference between a real threat to our nation and a bogus half dead dictator (who was once on the CIA payroll). I feel better already knowing you are out there on the front lines delirious with self righteousness. Hey, you can call me a liar but I can't compete with you guys... you're professional grade. Hope your next promotion doesn't take too long I'm really looking forward to paying you more money to protect me and my family so well. Thanks again 2Slick (the officer who is apparently embarrassed to reveal his rank)

John Hockenberry (NBC Universal)

This guy, an emmy-winner, reports on "war zones" for NBC. Does anyone have any doubts about the way this man feels about our nation's military? Read his email again. For what it's worth, I told him twice before that I was a Captain- and I'm certainly not embarrassed about my rank. If you really want to see the whole exchange, you can find it here. In any case, I ask you- whose side are these people on? I'm on my second tour in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and I won't even pretend to know the answer. But I don't like what I'm seeing. I guess that's why I find the time to write on this blog...


Anonymous said...

Well, thank God Kerry's let's get rid of this John Jerkenberry..what a dipsh$t!! Not worth your time, 2Slick (or should I say Cpt 2Slick) You help all of us understand what's really going down!!

Rightwingsparkle said...


first I was gonna say I thought the exact same thing when I read the AP title "Bush paints a rosy picture of the war" I mean REALLY!

Then the letter from the NBC guy just made me want to puke. So I blogged about it. Go see.
Shame on the guy. Thanks for what you do. THese snotty self involved little twits calling themselves reporters may not appreciate yall, but we sure as hell do.

Bowly said...

Little Green Footballs has plenty on Loven as well. A search there should turn her name up a few times.

Anonymous said...

2Slick baby,

Thank you for your service to our country. The military is what made our country great, not the news media reporter. I'm definitely on your side of the fence.

Take care, stay safe & god bless you.

Gary B.

Anonymous said...

What a stupid m0therf-cker! I mean we all know about N-PC's obvious BIAS, but the pure, unadulterated nastiness is new to me (although not surprising). Hockaloogie must have been going through "post-(or pre-)election stress disorder" or some similar Moonbat disorder. I'm emailing that bastard to share a few words of "friendly" advice. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Beth(I tried emailing the Commie/OTH discharge Kerry thing too, to no avail. But at least I didn't get any nasty shit back...although I didn't bother with the Three Stooge networks, either.)

2Slick said...

Thanks all-

Trust me, I feel like the American people, as a whole, support the effort enormously. We aren't going through anything like what our brave Vietnem Vets went through.

Even most anti-war people that I talk to seem to support us for the most part. I have no problem with people who disagree with the war or the President. My problem is with people who abuse their power (anyone who works for AP, NBC, CBS, et al has more power than we'd like to think) in order to undermine our efforts. It's disgraceful. These agencies pretend to be viable and credible news organizations, but I've come to the conclusion that they are not credible and I will make every effort to expose them as such.

There's no way that the AP is ignorant about Ms. Loven's obvious conflict of interest and shamefully biased reporting. There's no way that NBC isn't aware of Mr. Hockenberry's feelings towards the "lying" DoD and the "deliriously self-righteous, professional-grade liars" on the front lines. And still these companies keep them on the payroll.

Whatever happened to the Rathergate investigation? Whatever happened to the "380 tons of missing explosives" story that CBS and the NY Times conspired to launch on the Sunday before the election- anyone investigating that? Wasn't it the most "catastrophic blunder of the war thus far?"

All that aside, I'm grateful to the American people for being able to see through the smokescreen bias, and I thank you all for supporting us the way you do. It really does make a difference...

Barb said...

You're right on about the public support - although I still hear people say they support the troops without supporting the war. Efforts to edumacate these folks is a constant need!
And the best reason that we are able to maintain our strength of purpose is the ability to read the words of the folks on the frontlines such as yourself. Thanks for your service, and for sharing with us!

Johnny Walker Red said...

Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention, 2Slick. I blogged about it here.

Anonymous said...

Steamer sez: good work, Captain! Putting the lie to the MSM is always a "good thing". Never forget that the vast preponderance of your contrymen are praying for you and all of our troops in harm's way...but the press isn't responsible for tellin you that, just as they are not responsible for telling us the truth about your fine work.

Disintegrate those bastards (the terrorists, I mean)!

Smoke Eater said...

Captain, first, don't let them get to you. THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT! If the "msm" can get the military thinking that America doesn't support them, then we will fail, and we cannot let that happen. The fact that Bush won with as much of the popular vote as he did shows that the MAJORITY of Americans support you, but beyond that, even if they don't "agree" with being in Iraq, they still support you and your men doing the job. As for the "reporters" from the "war zones", check out Col. North over at, I think he'll be more honest than anyone on earth about what's really going on and the real PROGRESS we are making! God Bless and God Speed!

EdWonk said...

Ignore the Liberal Hypocrat. Keep up the good work, and stay safe.

kathianne said...

Found your site via Blackfive. Excellent and sad. You and your men are doing the right thing, for the right reasons. We are a political people, no escaping that I guess, even in Kuwait.

Thank you for your service and stay safe.

kathianne said...

I'm sorry, I meant to add that I've cited your post here:

Daniel said...

hey, nice to see that some of our men and women in uniform serving overseas actually have time for a blog. keep up the good work and the good reporting; america needs more men like you to counter the lies of the MSM.

Anonymous said...

You've got a lot of support in my country (Canada) too! Thank you all for incredible sacrifice and service.


Curt said...

Awesome job! Plus, thanks for serving our country over there. This is one Marine who appreciates the job your doing. I now work in law enforcement and gotta tell you that we all are so proud of the job you guys are doing. I've cited this email exchange on my blog, hope you don't mind. Wish I could write like you, I tend to write in the matter of fact manner we're trained to in law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

There is NO question the vast majority of Americans support you guys. Don't EVER let the press get to you. Any rational person with no agenda would be amazed at the incredible job you guys have done. The media bias is truly sickening, but I gave up getting angry about it several years ago. Again, THANK YOU and God Bless.

Nashville, TN

Anonymous said...


When you see our (regular people with jobs who pay taxes) posts of thank you for taking the time to blog remember that over time less and less people will blindly believe the established media - rejoice! they will continue to poke themselves in the eye - and every time they do (and you tell us) it helps more people see . . .

take care,


Rightwingsparkle said...


My, My, I think we started a firestorm. Even Outside the Beltway and Blackfive have picked up on the story. I am thinking Mr. Hockenberry is getting a boatload of hate mail about now...LOL!!!
Does this blogosphere rock or what?

TallDave said...

This post illustrates perfectly the incestuous relationship between Democrats and the media.

Thank you for sharing 2slick, and thank you also for your service protecting us back in the U.S. Some of us can actually say that and mean it.

I hadn't seen your blog before but I'm going to start reading it every day now, and I think a lot of others will too.

God bless.

max said...

Great article. Thanks.

I send the AP an e-mail complaining about the New McCarthyism of Jennifer Loven after her "Twists' article. To date I have not heard back from them. No surprise there.


CDR Salamander said...

Well done 2Slick. I have been trying to piss someone off for months. Nice, juicy target. Excellent secondaries!!
Bravo Zulu!

MarkLevinFan said...


U da man! That was an amazing post! Nothing you said came as a surprise, but I love to see these libs exposed! Good luck to you! I'll be checking your blog often!

Anonymous said...

2Slick, why do you think Saving Private Ryan was self-censored on several dozen stations this Veteran's Day?

Hint: it wasn't profanity!

Epador said...

Nice to see we're finishing the job up there. I got to fly at a fair altitude over the place on the first aborted offensive. Some of the secondaries had the fast movers creaming their fighter pilot pants.

Now that we have a rotor head blogging (should I say "whizbanging") Hockenberry and Loven, there will be no mercy for their kind and you can get a similar orgasmic experience hopefully without messing your flight suit. Kinda cool you are fighting in the sandbox and on the home front at the same time.

Get your sleep so you can fly safe.

Chad | said...


Yer the MAN! I happen to have an uncanny abilitly to piss off the socialist/liberals as well.

I just want you to know, that we're all rootin for you here back in the states. I honestly wish I could join you out there. Keep up the damn fine work soldier.


Phrank said...

Hey CPT,

Thanks for all the work you put into this Blog. I am an EM, 13M, for about 3 years, and I know how hard it is doing all that you are doing and then findins some time to update your blog. I am a ROTC Cadet now and I must say it has been one of the hardest things to watch the Wat going on while sitting on the sidelines. I, like all of the Cadets in the program, are in constant awe of all of you and what you accomplish on a daily basis. Thank you for everything you are doing. God Bless!

betsy said...

I just found your blog and want to add my thanks for taking the time to blog and for your service. The big looooser in the 2004 elections is indeed the MSM .. for many months my hub and I have kept up on the "real" news by reading the military and Iraqi bloggers .. and what a huge, huuge difference there is. The MSM is done, fini, unless they clean up their act, thanks to bloggers. And they know it. Stay safe out there and kick butt, we're behind you at home, don't worry!

DirtCrashr said...

It's beginning to sound more and more like the gasping death-rattle of the mainstream press, as they choke on their own bile and the bits of venomous crap they have been spewing out for so long that it's up to their neck.

The elitist Press think they're "smart," and are so disengaged from reality they believe they have a monopoly on intellect. I have a friend who's a Lt.Col who went to Johns Hopkins and graduated with honors, and took Ranger training in Panama - nothing the MSM is capable of understanding or willing to communicate.
Their meme is of soldiers being "stupid, unwilling draftees" - a clutch with which they hope to re-echo "Vietnam" - the war the Left won, and the war they want to fight again.

Got you bookmarked among my Mill-bloggers - thanks for you guys making a difference.

Anonymous said...

Don't let the bastards wear you down, and for God's sake, make sure that all of us back home do NOT want you fighting with one hand tied behind your back.

Keep the back of your brothers in arms, and $#@! the terrorists!

If you get something wrong, and one of the terrorists goes down as a result, shake it off - they should not have picked up arms against our troops in the first place.

If you get something wrong and one of our boys gets hurt as a result, then we will be upset.

Keep the faith. We appreciate all you all are doing over there!

Anonymous said...


fly safe,

we deeply respect your efforts and service, just ignore the demonrats in the MSM.

Our prayers are with you.

meanwhile get your rest.

check six,


Anonymous said...

Gen. 2slick, I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your service and that of your fellows. I also appreciate your blogging the truth from the front for all America to see.

God bless you and keep you safe.

I will be sending a link to your site to all the pro-American sites I frequent and some that aren't so pro-American that I don't frequent much. Everybody needs to read your words.

And yes, there is an enemy within. The fifth column in America is the Fourth Estate.

Your friend,


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