Thursday, November 04, 2004

Target Fallujah

I'm going to keep this one short today, because I've got some things going on. Nothing bad, just a little busy lately...

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to write about what's going on in Fallujah. I can't give away details (obviously), but I can probably add some insight to the news stories you've been seeing.

When I read about Fallujah in the news, it's pretty obvious that the reporters are clueless. They occasionally report what they see, but usually it comes from a hired Iraqi "news chaser." Sometimes the information is accurate- often it's not. I try to read them from a civilian perspective, and I've noticed that these stories probably leave most civilians with more questions than answers. Questions like:

"Who are we targeting? What's with all the civilian casualties? What are the Americans doing to prevent them?"

"Why do the American troops run in there, shoot stuff up, and pull back? Why not just go in there and crush them already?"

"Why did we allow Fallujah to become an 'insurgent stronghold'?"

"Who are the bad guys? Where are they from? What are their motives?"

"When are we going to deliver the crushing blow? Who will make that call? Will it be anything like Najaf, Samarra, or Sadr City?"

I could go on forever. Reporters don't answer these questions in their stories, mostly because they don't even know enough about the military to ask themselves these kinds of questions.

It usually goes something like this:

Reporter answers cell phone while sitting by the pool at the Green Zone Hotel-

"Hello? Hi Mr. Hassam! Airstrike? OK, great! Heavy bombing in Fallujah- great stuff....let's see...What else do I need? Oh- how many innocent civilians were killed? Don't know? OK, make something up. 6! Sounds good- we'll say you got that from the doctor at some hospital. Great! Looks like I got a story! Thank you Mr. Hassam! Yes, come by the hotel tomorrow and I'll give you 50 bucks."

Not exactly Pulitzer-worthy reporting, but hey, whatever works. I'll try to explain the things that they cannot (or will not) starting tomorrow.

Good News

Since the election, we're not seeing or hearing about any wild celebrating in Syria or Iran. No massive influx of foreign fighters into Iraq. None of that.


Today I heard a report about 20 Syrians sneaking out of Fallujah- heading back to Syria. "Exit polls" suggested they were leaving due to "lack of popular support." Based on other reports we're getting from the general population in Fallujah, I'd say these "exit polls" are accurate.

Thanks again for telling these morons that America mean business...

Most Shocking Headline of the Week

I'm not kidding, I saw this on

Bin Laden Slams Bush

I can't believe it!! And I thought they were friends!

Hey, what does Bush care? He's a CHAMPION!

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