Sunday, October 31, 2004

My Letter to John Kerry

Dear Senator Kerry,

Thank you for your interest in becoming our next Commander in Chief. I can see that your military experience, combined with your long and storied political career, has made you extremely "fit for command."

For instance, you used to be just some young kid who accused your fellow officers and sailors of beheading people and/or castrating them- without offering a shred of tangible evidence to back it up.

Now, you merely accuse the soldiers you wish to lead of being grossly incompetent for failing to plan post-hostility operations in Iraq (funny- I worked on such a plan), failing to capture bin Laden when we had him surrounded (wow, you must know lots of secret stuff, because even General Franks says there's no definitive evidence that he was there at the time), and most recently- failing to guard your mysterious explosives. And now you even back up your accusations with evidence- reliable sources like the NY Times and even CBS!!! It's always good to have a Commander in Chief who will go out of his way and even make stuff up in order to "sternly criticize" the efforts of our Armed Forces.

You're totally right about Bush- he was definitely wrong to risk his life by landing on that aircraft carrier in order to thank us for overthrowing Saddam's brutal regime. Did he not realize that it took us 3 whole weeks to get to Baghdad? We should have all been court-martialed for such incompetence! We hate when our boss shows appreciation for our efforts- especially when we don't deserve it. Your leadership style would be much better- hammer us for failures that never happened! That's so cool.

You have certainly come a long way, and you obviously know what it takes to motivate us soldiers to rally around your cause.

Hey, in case you get the job, should I start learning to speak french? I hear those frenchies will be coming to the Middle East in droves once you're elected. They're gonna love it over here- just about every bit of weaponry and ammo that we find over here has french writing on it!

Before I forget- not that it's a huge deal, but you should probably sign that Form 180 (you know- like Bush did), so that we can see your military records and finally get those 2,000 or so questions about your service cleared up. Minor things- you know, like whether or not you were really Honorably Discharged, that whole "collaboration with the enemy while they were actively killing and torturing Americans" thing, all those "well-deserved" medals that you so proudly threw at the White House after you begged for them during your abbreviated Swift Boat gig- just silly stuff like that. We ask all of our "self-proclaimed war hero" candidates to sign it, so please don't be offended. And really, let's be honest- your military service is pretty much the only thing you put on your resume when you applied for this job. So let's just clear everything up and silence all those millions of silly "doubters" out there, OK?

Trust me, we're gonna LOVE working for you.

Given the manner in which you aggressively spat in our faces these past few months (especially this past week) and the way you skewered my "Ghengis Kahn" father who served only two years in Vietnam (as opposed to 4 whole months), you can count on me and the rest of my military brethren for PLENTY of support once you take office.

Look forward to working with you, Sir-

CPT 2Slick, Army Aviator

P.S. I was at OBJ Dogwood with the 101st in April of 2003. Sorry we failed to guard your "forged" explosives. A$$hole.

The Final Push

Hey! Just finished a long couple of days with an extraordinary NG Aviation unit based out of South Carolina and Kentucky. The work was tough, but I'm happy to say that these great Army Aviators are primed and ready to go take on some serious challenges up north. Sometime between now and a few months from now (gotta practice good OPSEC), they'll be replacing the Aviators who replaced me and my brigade at Mosul Airfield. I'm confident they'll do great things. One cool thing about these guys- their Apaches are grey- like Navy choppers. They're the only grey helicopters in the Army- some kind of experimental thing. I thought they looked awesome. They needed a qualified pilot to work the brakes while they rolled off the boat, so I (as the Port Operations Officer in Charge) quickly volunteered my services. Now I can say that I supervised a mission from the cockpit of an Apache- and nobody will be the wiser. As a Black Hawk guy, I have to say those things are pretty wild- all those weapons systems in there. Cool stuff.

So now I'm free to enjoy the last few hours of my weekend, and I'll have most of tomorrow off. That's good, because there's work to be done.

Update on the Discharge

Seems while I was at work, the Kerry Discharge story has generated some momentum. The word from the Swifties camp is that it may break in the MSM on Monday morning. For those of you who don't want to wait- here's a good preview from Earl Lively- the guy who shot down CBS's phony story about Bush's NG service. This story is a lock- there's no way it isn't true. Anyone who knows anything about the military can't honestly question the evidence. The only thing that Kerry has on his side here is the fact that most Americans simply don't understand the details, the jargon, or the unbelievable implications of the whole thing (i.e. wasn't fit to be in the military but could potentially become the Commander in Chief, he's been lying about it all this time, the reasons for the bad discharge, the ensuing cover-up, etc.). The story is just huger than huge.

My guess is that the MSM plans to do anything and everything to keep it buried until after the election (hoping for a Kerry win), and then once they've finally got themselves another scandal-prone target in the White House- they'll pounce relentlessly. Believe me, there would be no need to forge any documents in order to bring down a President Kerry. Whoa- I almost got sick typing that just now. Hopefully I'll never type those two words in the same sentence ever again. Vote, please!

But who knows? There's always the chance that the MSM will cave under the pressure. We'll just have to wait and see...

Other Stuff

There's another potentially damning story about Kerry that may or may not break soon. But I don't want to delve into that one until I see some more solid evidence. Stay toooooned.

I Wrote a Letter

While I was out and about today, I thought up a letter that I wanted to write to the good Senator. This letter was burning my fingertips- wanting so badly to get out. When I finally got to a computer, I whipped it up in about 8 minutes. I read it over and over. I'm usually not much of a fan when it comes to my own work, but I really liked this one. It just sort of captured everything I feel about his guy, and I don't think it left much room for doubt about the absolute absurdity of even considering him as a potential Commander in Chief. I hope you good people out there can forgive me for the tiny hint of profanity at the end. It just felt like the perfect touch, and I had to go with it.

I put it on a couple of sites, and the reviews were all positive, so I'm going to post it right now. I'm going to give it an entire post all it's own. Please feel free to cut and paste it or click the little envelope icon underneath it and mail it to anybody you like. If there's anyone out there who you feel might be wondering about how our nation's service members (past and present) overwhelmingly feel about this man, I implore you to send them this letter. And that's all I have to say about that. Here goes...

Saturday, October 30, 2004

The "Almost" October Surprise

I just followed a pretty amazing ripple in the blogosphere (let's just say I had a hard time getting to sleep).

Let's start with an email that my good friend Jack sent me almost two months ago:

Subject: Fw: Kerry's Discharge

This looks like it has some meat in it.

From a retired Colonel communicator who lives in Temecula. I don't know what the significance of Oct 15th is or who established that date.

Comment by Sender -I think: Unlike McCain, Bush, and Gore,,,,Kerry has adamantly refused to authorize the release of his military records. Most think it's because of his phony battle medals. I think the real reason is below. He was not granted an Honorable Discharge until March 2001, almost 30 years after his ostensible service term had ended! This is very much out of the ordinary, and highly suspect. There are 5 classes of Discharge: Honorable, General, Other Than Honorable, Bad Conduct, and Dishonorable. My guess is that he was Discharged in the '70s, but not Honorably. He appealed this sometime while Clinton was doing trouser-tricks in the Oval Office. Political pressure was applied, and the Honorable Discharge was then granted. His file is probably rife with report of this, submissions and hearings on the appeal, reports of his "giving aid and comfort" to the enemy, along with protests that were filed with respect to his alleged valor under fire.

This will blow up in his face before October 15th.

Obviously, this didn't blow up before October 15th.

But today, rumors started swirling through the blogosphere (this from Franklog):

The rumor level is reaching new heights today as a strange series of events indicating pending breaking news are taking place.

Yesterday, a known and trusted poster to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth web forum, known as "Navy Chief" (other outlets are using his name, I prefer to use the name he prefers to use online) posted the following message.

Okay, folks.

We got it finally. We have the Former Secretary of the Navy who stated, "Yes, Kerry did receive an Other Than Honorable Discharge".

Stay tuned for more...

Shortly afterward, in the aftermath of hundreds of posts, the thread was locked and the information was deleted. What remains at the forum is the following: Content removed at the request of the author.

Sounds like things are getting interesting, right? It gets better. This document appeared on the Free Republic:


Words of Captain Donald L. Nelson, JAG corps USN ret: I was on active duty as a U.S. Navy JAG when all of this was going on 25 to 30 years ago, and so was Mark F. Sullivan, who at all relevant times was the personal JAG to J. William Middendorf, then the Secretary of the Navy.

We are trying to break this absolutely true story nationwide, i.e., Fox News, C-Span, and hopefully the major networks. We are positive that John Kerry was one of those dishonorably dismissed from the Navy for collaborating with the Viet Cong after he was released from active duty but still in the Navy and for a totally unauthorized trip to Hanoi. He later got an "honorable" separation in 1978, some 12 years after joining the Navy, under President Carter's "Amnesty Program" for draft dodgers, deserters, and other malcontents who fled to Canada and Holland, among other places, to avoid military service to our country.

This is why he has refused, and continues to refuse, to release all of his Navy records: they reflect that he was Dishonorably Dismissed from the United States Naval Service. If they do not (which they do) he would have released them to the public. Again, he has not done so, because he well knows that the truth would kill his challenge to President Bush. If you would like to talk with me, I may be reached at telephone number (925) 964-0943 in Danville, California, or at Contact information for CAPT Sullivan is below.


Mark F. Sullivan Sullivan Taketa LLP 31351 Via Colinas, Suite 205 Westlake Village, CA 91362-4576 Tel. (818) 889-2299

And for few crazy hours today, the Swift Vets website was scrambling to organize a massive rally in Washington D.C. for Monday. I saw the thread. Protest Warrior was getting involved- it was frantic.

And then all of a sudden- the "Navy Chief" dropped this heart-breaking bombshell (from Techie Vampire):

I have been asked by the highest authorities (No -- I will not expound) to not hold this Rally. Although our actions and intent has been nothing but honorable, this effort will not serve our purposes.

My sincerest apologies for this but I must ask that we stand down...

I certainly hope the "highest authorities" know what they are doing and I don't like this anymore than anyone else but I must ask you to stand down.

We can however, return to our previous effort in getting the truth to media outlets, Congress, and other influencial organizations.

This was a great idea and I'm very disappointed -- I hope you will forgive me for this. I'm assured that all will be clear in time (yeah right).

- Troy Jenkins (aka "Navy Chief")

And so the rally in DC was called off. Some people had already departed. This was going to be huge. One thing is certain- Kerry did not initially receive an Honorable Discharge from the Navy as he has claimed. We now know definitively why he never signed the Form 180. The only question remains- Will Kerry be exposed as a liar and a traitor before November 2nd- or after?

Whether this story has a happy ending or not- I'm sticking with my prediction for Bush to win. If you haven't voted yet, you are already LATE!!!

Osama's Bin Hidin'

Some of you know that during the past few weeks I started leaning more and more toward Christopher Hitchens' theory that bin Laden was a goner. The main reason I put stake in this theory is that we are now approaching a major crossroads in the War on Terror- the myriad of successes we've been enjoying in Iraq (notice how the media hasn't been saying much about places like Samarra, Najaf, and Sadr City? It's because things are actually going relatively well in those places- don't expect to read anything about this in the press), the upcoming Iraqi elections, the inevitable showdown in Fallujah, the successful Afghanistan elections, and most importantly- our own election is just around the corner. "With all this stuff going on," I asked myself, "where is Osama bin Laden? Surely, he wouldn't stand on the sidelines for all this." And then I'd tell myself to stop calling myself "Shirley." Hey, it gets boring out here in the desert.

Talk about timing. When the tall bearded one pops up 4 days before the election, he really doesn't leave much room for doubt about his intentions. I won't comment on the content of his speech (no surprises whatsoever) except to say that the only thing missing from it was the closing voice-over: "I'm Michael Moore and I approved this message."

So What Will It All Mean?

The spin is quite easy to predict. The Kerry camp (not John Kerry- can't politicize something like this) will spin it with a "Bush failed to kill or capture him" theme. "Time to give Kerry a chance."

The Bush camp has already benefited from one of the greatest spinners of all time- Dick Morris (the man who spun Clinton into the hero that he still is today). Yes, Dick was himself disgraced by a sex scandal during the Clinton years, but I'm not one to pass judgment on people's personal problems. I greatly respect his political acumen- not just because he came to the "right" side as it were- but mostly because this guy seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to gauging America's collective political mindset. Yesterday on FOX, he explained why this tape will help Bush:

-Osama will remind people of the threat of terrorism, which is Bush's strongest point among voters.

-Osama couldn't send a bomb to mess with the election so he sent a tape.

-Osama couldn't send a bomb because Homeland Security (and Bush) are working.

-Osama practically quotes from Michael Moore's movie, Fattieguy 911, showing that Moore in effect gave aid and comfort to the enemy with his movie.

The Belmont Club took it even further- calling it Osama's Surrender:

It is important to notice what he has stopped saying in this speech. He has stopped talking about the restoration of the Global Caliphate. There is no more mention of the return of Andalusia. There is no more anticipation that Islam will sweep the world. He is no longer boasting that Americans run at the slightest wounds; that they are more cowardly than the Russians. He is not talking about future operations to swathe the world in fire but dwelling on past glories. He is basically saying if you leave us alone we will leave you alone. Though it is couched in his customary orbicular phraseology he is basically asking for time out.

The American answer to Osama's proposal will be given on Election Day. One response is to agree that the United States of America will henceforth act like Sweden, which is on track to become majority Islamic sometime after the middle of this century. The electorate best knows which candidate will serve this end; which candidate most promises to be European-like in attitude and they can choose that path with both eyes open. The electorate can strike that bargain and Osama may keep his word. The other course is to reject Osama's terms utterly; to recognize the pleading in his outwardly belligerent manner and reply that his fugitive existence; the loss of his sanctuaries; the annihilation of his men are but the merest foretaste of what is yet to come: to say that to enemies such as he, the initials 'US' will always mean Unconditional Surrender.

Osama has stated his terms. He awaits America's answer.


My Take

This video is by no means a cause for celebration. But it hardly warrants any doom and gloom either, as far as I'm concerned. From a military perspective, there are many ways to look at this. Every time he puts out a message, he leaves a trail that could potentially mean his undoing. It's not just our CIA and special forces that have already begun to seize on this trail- it's also a plethora of bounty hunters (mostly former Delta/SEAL types) in search of $25 million and all the glory that comes with being a real-life superhero. I wouldn't want to be the guy who delivered that tape to Al-Jazeera right now. This is why we tend not to hear much from Osama. So yes, it's good news in that it could potentially lead to his capture or (more likely) destruction.

For that same reason, Osama is clearly desperate. He wouldn't risk emerging like this unless he felt the need to rally his supporters and/or intimidate his enemies (us). As I mentioned, we are at a crossroads, and Osama must have felt a sense of desperation. If he felt like he had this thing in the bag, he wouldn't have risked sending this message. So yes, I'm glad things aren't going well for him these days.

Lastly, I'm glad to know that we can still kill him on a world stage. My greatest fear was that he was buried underneath some rubble somewhere- never to be discovered. Ever. That would be the worst scenario of all- because his "mystique" would live on amongst his "true believers" for a long long time. That's all he is at this point anyway. A figurehead. A man who "can't be had by the evil Americans." He doesn't plan, he doesn't finance, he doesn't come up with any great ideas. There's no way for him to do these things while he's on the run as he is now. He can't lead his followers as a General leads his troops. People like Zarqawi filled that role for him long ago. His only purpose is to inspire hatred and bloodlust in those who follow his fanatic brand of Islam.

I'm not downplaying his significance- his very existence does damage to our cause with each passing day. But when we kill him, we'll need definitive proof of his demise in order for it to be effective at all. Our need to kill him is purely strategic- nobody who replaces him as the spritual leader of al Qaeda will have the now-mythical following that Osama has. I don't think Zarqawi will rise to the occasion, mainly because I don't think Zarqawi will be amongst the living come December. Once bin Laden dies, his followers will finally have to accept him for what he always was- just another in a long line of mass murderers who ultimately met justice at the hands of the Americans. So yes, I'm glad to know that we'll have a chance at killing him in full view of his followers. That sounds harsh, but look who we're talking about here.

Another Must Read From Krauthhammer

While the flip-flopper's spin-meisters feed America lies about how Bush (not Tommy Franks) "let Osama get away" at Tora Bora (Kerry's favorite lie these days), please make sure to read Charles Krauthammer's article about why Tommy Franks, a decorated General with 30+ years of military experience, was absolutely correct in the way he handled Tora Bora- while John Kerry, a guy who spent a few months chasing medals before he fled the battlefield and disgraced his fellow veterans from the comforts of home, was dead wrong to criticize the good General.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

My Rants- A Retrospective

As the election approaches, I've found myself "ranting" a lot. For those of you who don't know- "ranting" is something we bloggers do when we feel passionate about something. It's a great way to blow off steam, and it always makes us feel better to write them. It's also quite fulfilling to sit back and read them from time to time. We need lots of ranting right now. We need passion. We can't afford to be overconfident. We can't allow complacency to take hold. I don't want you people to simply go out and vote. I want you to organize a get-together with all your level-headed friends and coworkers, and go have a party at the polls. Make this election an event. In an effort to ignite some passion, here's a few of my favorite rants.....

On the Mainstream Media:

This is a "milblog," so I'm going to post war-related information first and foremost. I won't spew pro-war propaganda or "go get 'em" rhetoric. I'll simply offer a refreshing alternative to the doom and destruction that you get from the mainstream media (MSM). I don't think the MSM has an anti-American bias, and I don't think they willingly give terrorists a voice. I think they chase profits. Nothing generates profits in the world of journalism better than sex (Lyndie England is pregnant and she's pointing at naked genitalia!), scandal (Abu Ghraib, faulty intel, Chalabi, missing explosives, Halliburton), and violence (car bombs, car bombs, and more car bombs).

Unfortunately, the media's need for profits is often to the advantage of our enemy (and struggling Presidential candidates, but that's another story). This upsets a lot of people, but we have to remember that capitalism is our way of life. It's what we're fighting for. We can't change how the news industry reports the news, but we CAN make a difference- we can share information using all this great technology that REALLY smart Americans (not Al Gore) created many years ago. If you don't think blogs can have an impact, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Dan Rather. Blogs have already changed the face of the media, and they're just getting started. Might as well get used to it…

On John Kerry's Vietnam Service:

John Kerry served more than most and should therefore be honored, right? Wrong! How about our "heroic soldiers" who abused the prisoners in Iraq and took the photos for all the world to see? They served more than most people. Like Kerry, some of them performed an act of courage here and there. Should they be honored? Absolutely not!!! Their lame-brained sex games caused countless insurgents to take up arms against us and kill who-knows-how-many American soldiers. To make a blanket statement along the lines of "anyone who served should be honored" is just plain ignorant. There are bad apples in every bunch, and the sad truth is that there is a small minority of soldiers in every American war that did more to hurt the cause than to help. John Kerry is one of those bad apples. "Why" you ask? Well, it has nothing to do with the fact that he lied to get medals.

As a leader/officer in wartime, one must ensure that soldiers know one thing above all else- that their leaders are looking out for them. The soldiers must believe that the ones in charge will devote every last breath, drop of blood, bead of sweat to ensure the soldiers' safety during the course of the mission. John Kerry did no such thing. He got 3 band-aid wounds, and promptly headed home. Remember- 3 Purple Hearts gave one the choice to leave- it was not obligatory. Let's also remember that Kerry went after those Purple Hearts like a man possesed. One commander refused to give him one, so he waited until he had a different commander and then asked again. What kind of message did that send to his sailors and all the other enlisted sailors in his unit? I'll tell you what message it sent- "officers look out for themselves." Officers will get rattled and say "OK good luck guys! I'm outta here!!"

Apparently a handful (maybe 9 out of about 300?) of the sailors he served with have forgiven him. Understandable, given the fact that he delivered those troops a national cheering audience that was more than 30 years overdue (at the DNC). But I'll tell you who will NEVER forgive him for what he did- the officers who served with him. He complicated their efforts, he hurt their unit's morale, he put their lives in danger, and he quickly rubbed salt in their wounds by coming home and bashing the ones who were brave enough to stay behind and do their duty. He had an anti-war agenda before he even joined the Navy. He used his credibility as an officer to propagate outrageous theories that hurt the ones who were still held captive, and caused years of unfair bias and hard feelings toward thousands of brave and honorable vets after they returned home.

He did all of this in order to win political fame and favor in the Democratic Party. It was his ticket to the big time, and he cashed it without a second thought. Reprehensible in every sense of the word. Say what you want about whether or not he deserved his medals- I could care less. As a leader in the US Military, he was an insult to our profession. He would have served his country much better by never having gone to Vietnam.

On Allegations of "War Profiteering":

This one is picking up steam today. Read this rant first, and then go check out Kerry's latest attempt at an October Surprise. I think you'll find that the story falls in line with everything I have to say on the matter:

It absolutely sickens me that these morons put all the emphasis on alleged profits and no emphasis on what's best for the troops. Are company's going to make money in time of war?? YES!!! That's been true since the days of yore. Our economy boomed after WW2. That's simply a fact, and it'll always be a fact. Don't get mad at people for supporting an industry that helps our soldiers! Show me where companies that should be getting contracts aren't getting them. That would be a scoop...

None of these blowhards ever mention an alternative to the companies that they accuse of "war profiteering." A perfect example from Dissident Voice (thanks Sweet Lou):

John Edwards said, “It is an outrage and disrespectful to the young men and women who are serving in Iraq today. President Bush should start addressing this credibility gap by calling on Joe Allbaugh and his friends to stop using their influence to secure government contracts in Iraq, and by agreeing to an independent oversight panel to ensure that contracts in Iraq are administered fairly.”

"In this enormously expensive mission, the American people ought to be assured that any dollar we spend there is for the rebuilding of Iraq, and not just the building of profit for the president's friends and political supporters," he said.

Okay, John- give us a list of companies that would do a better job for the soldiers!!!!! He doesn't!!! He never will!!! You know why? Because all the contracts were awarded to the MOST CAPABLE companies!!! I haven't seen ONE SINGLE person come forward with something like, "This company would have been better than Halliburton (or New Bridge), because the troops would have gotten better support and the American taxpayers would be getting more for their money." That would be it!!! That would be such an easy "smoking gun," but nobody comes forward with it, because it doesn't exist!! They just continue to bicker about "this company got a contract and this guy got rich."

And now we have Bunnatine Greenhouse, the chief contracting officer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (and, no doubt, Democratic Operative) alleging that "the award of contracts without competition to KBR puts at risk 'the integrity of the federal contracting program as it relates to a major defense contractor.' The contracts were to restore Iraq's oil industry." OK, Bunnatine- you worry about the integrity of the federal contracting program, and I'll worry about getting Iraq back on it's feet so that the American troops can get the hell out of there!!! And just for the record, the last sentence in that article is very telling:

While the Corps was authorized to spend up to $7 billion for the oil restoration work, the actual cost so far has been $2.5 billion. Halliburton is still working on the oil facilities, but it is now operating under a new, competitively awarded contract.
Great work, AP. Better make sure you save that part for last. Put it first, and you won't have a story to follow it. Nice job. Really.

Kerry and Edwards somehow get a pass for all this. Edwards says stuff like "let's have an independent oversight panel to ensure that contracts in Iraq are administered fairly." Sure thing, John- but does it have to be RIGHT NOW??? How many American soldiers were you planning to sacrifice while your "oversight committee" determined whether or not Haliburton was the right company for the job. Tell you what makes as much sense- let's withhold any funding for the troops until an independent oversight committee determines whether or not McDonald's is the largest fast-food chain. It certainly seems that McD's is the number one chain. Any expert in the food industry would tell you that "yep- McD's is the one. The biggest and baddest." But we'd better set up an "independent committtee." You know, just to make sure. Don't you see how proposterous this is???? Halliburton is the McDonald's of defense contracting!!! John Edwards and Senator Kerry wanted to dilly around with proper contracting procedures and independent oversight committees while troops needed critical support ASAP!!!!

I'll tell you what the real scandal is- voting against that $87 billion, knowing with all certainty that Halliburton was the right company for the time-sensitive and critical task at hand, was such an act of betrayal to us troops- I wouldn't even hesitate to call it treason. They don't care about the soldiers!!! They just want to bring down the most capable companies that support us because it fuels their political fire. Absolutely sickening. Get out there and VOTE people!!!!

On Michael Moore:

(sorry but this guy's not even worth talking about)

On the Left's Recent Obsession With the "Missing Explosives":

First off, there are nowhere near enough facts on hand to support the unbelievable spin that's been flying around the media. It's almost comical!! A news reporter has pictures of explosives!!! That proves that the 101st Airborne lost 380 tons of RDX!!!!! C'mon people! Are you kidding me???

Mistakes were made in every war that we've ever fought (although I do not believe we made a mistake at Al-QaQaa). When you seek to highlight our failures (whether it's because you want your guy to get elected or for any other reason) and completely ignore any of our accomplishments, you do us all a huge disservice. For every mistake you manage to find, I'll show you 10,000 successes. I've got 12 hours of video footage that I'll be happy to show you any time you want to see it. Probably won't want to see it if you're a lefty- way too many smiling children and grateful Iraqis...

UPDATE!!!!! I know this guy!!! MAJ Pearson worked at OBJ Dogwood during the month that I was at Iskanderia (about 10 miles south of Baghdad and 7 miles east of Dogwood). I remember him well- he truly enjoyed his job, and he had a great attitude. I just heard a soundbyte of his press conference- he sounded way nervous. Can't blame him. Talk about being in a pressure-cooker! Remember what I said yesterday? We're getting better at this. We're not standing idly by while punditicians spout lies about what we did and what we saw. Great job, MAJ Pearson!

Question for Senator Kerry: Senator, do you think it's a good idea to wait for the facts to come out before you accuse the soldiers that you wish to lead of committing "perhaps the biggest in a series of massive blunders in Iraq?" With all due respect Mr. Commander in Chief wannabe, do you automatically assume away any level of compitence that we may have because of a suspect story that you read about in the NY Times? Sorry, Senator- we'd prefer a leader who has a little more confidence in us...

Wow, that was fun. So many rants, so many memories...

The RUSSIANS Did It!!!!

This story just keeps getting better. Who'da thunk that the Russians would help Saddam protect his military holdings from allied bombings and seizure? Sounds like they had some issues to take care of prior to the coalition invasion (Thanks Drudge):

"The Russians brought in, just before the war got started, a whole series of military units," Mr. Shaw said. "Their main job was to shred all evidence of any of the contractual arrangements they had with the Iraqis. The others were transportation units."

The Russian involvement in helping disperse Saddam's weapons, including some 380 tons of RDX and HMX, is still being investigated, Mr. Shaw said.

Well, I certainly can't dispute any of this. Read the entire Washington Times article. As we like to say here in the Middle East: "Oil-for-Food makes the world go 'round."

A Kerry Challenge

I knew something was up when 6 different people sent me the exact same link. That usually means "you must check this out." Thanks to all who sent it- it was the most perfect anti-Kerry ad (disguised as a pro-Kerry ad) ever made. Here's my challenge to you "Kerry voters" out there (and I know there are some of you out there!). Go to this site, listen to the ad (A Strong Case for Kerry), and see if you can still manage to vote for him. I'm willing to bet the farm you won't be able to. Just go ahead and try!!

Blogging Works

Some of you may wonder why I do this. Why should I feel compelled to tell my side of the story with respect to the war or military affairs in general? The short answer is, I can't take it anymore. Many of my friends are no longer with us. They gave their lives for something they believed in, and I'm not about to let John Kerry (or anyone else) tell the world that we "failed to capture bin Laden when we had him surrounded" or that we "failed to guard a storage facility near Baghdad" when I know for a fact that he's lying. I simply won't let him do it. He did it 30+ years ago and (until now) got away with it. He's not getting away with it anymore.

In a recent email to one of my loyal readers, I explained it like this: We in the military need to do a better job of telling our story. We have a long and honorable tradition of being "quiet professionals"- doing our jobs and letting our actions speak for us. But now there is a problem- we are living in the "information age." If we don't tell our story, the profit-driven media (with the help of corrupt self-serving politicians) will tell it for us. The information superhighway will amplify this sorry excuse for "news" to the point where truth and reality are no longer easily discernible.

That's why I started this blog. The blogosphere works. I've seen it debunk multiple attacks on Bush, I've seen it pave the way for the Swiftees, and now more than ever- I've seen it amplify the voices of our soldiers who serve so proudly.

I recently collaborated on a book (more on this in a future post), and I'm now helping with a documentary about my Brigade's efforts in Iraq. You'll notice that I avoid publicizing my name. That last thing I want is personal recognition. I'm not saying that we should talk about our heroics and seek praise from the masses. That's not what this is about. This is about us doing our part in getting the truth to people. The Swiftees are providing a wonderful model that would have served them well 30+ years ago, and I'm so happy that they are finally getting their day in court. But I don't want to wait 30 years. I want to get the truth out there right now.

We're getting better at this. The other night, I was here at the cybercafe. Just typing away and listening to Sean Hannity (it's free on his web site). I could barely believe my ears when I heard one of my great friends from the 101st (she's now stationed in Alabama I think?) come on the air to berate Michael Moore about his joke of a movie (I made a very similar call on the Glenn Beck show a few months back). As soon as I heard her familiar voice refer to our dear friend who was shot down over Tikrit, I felt the bond reconnect. I hadn't spoken to her for months (my brother and I had drinks with her a few days before I left Fort Campbell- maybe April?), but I shot her an email as soon as I heard her on the air. We both feel the same sense of loyalty and responsibility, and we're both doing our part. There are thousands more of us, and our numbers grow daily.

We need to get the truth out. We owe it to our buddies. The ones who are still over here fighting, and especially the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Long Day

I just spent 20 hours on a Kuwaiti segment of the Persian Gulf. I'd love to tell you what I was doing there for all that time, but then of course I'd have to...well, you know the deal. It's 3 am, I'm insanely tired, and I have no clue what's happening in the world or in Iraq. That said, I'm going to bed.

But Before I Go

My site took an amazing number of hits in the past 24 hours. I guess a whole bunch of sites linked to mine by virtue of my stance on the 380 tons of missing explosives. I've never created a "ripple" in the blogosphere like that, so it was a little strange. Tomorrow, I'm going to click on my Technorati link (on my left-side blogroll) and see what people are saying about me. Should be fun. I think it all started when Michael Totten posted one of my comments from his site on the legendary Instapundit site (for those who don't know, Instapundit is like the Holy Grail of blog sites). Here's the comment that got so much press:


I read your Instapundit post about the missing explosives. I understand your questions about the 3rd ID being there 1 week before us, but I think I should offer up a military perspective for you. I was with the 101st when we RIP'd (Relieved in Place) the 3rd ID in that region.

380 tons of explosives would require about 40 truckloads to haul it away. It would have taken more than 1 week (and an unbelievable amount of man-hours and heavy-moving equipment) simply to load the trucks. To imply that those trucks could have been loaded and then driven away unnoticed, under the watchful eye of the 3rd ID is absolutely ludicrous. I know you're not a military type, but you're a smart enough guy to understand this.

No, those explosives were moved well before any Americans ever crossed the border. It's the only feasible scenario, and it fits right in with Saddam's gameplan. A retired Iraqi Air Force General (now an employee at Mosul Airfield) explained Saddam's looney strategy to me over tea one day (my note: I asked him this simple question- Why are there fighter jets scattered randomly throughout the desert? He just smiled and explained it all in about 2 hours). I wrote about it in my blog post yesterday:

Read it, and I think you'll have a slightly better understanding of how Saddam did business. Remember when he sent his fighter jets to Iran during Desert Storm? Well, he used a slightly different strategy this time around. It didn't work. But those explosives did get away, and there was no way we could have prevented it with all of our diplomatic wrangling as we "rushed to war."

John Kerry (aided by the media horde) wants to fool the American people with a fictitious story about how we didn't have the manpower and/or capability to guard the most sensitive ammo dump in Iraq. That's not only inaccurate- it's downright offensive. We spent a month in Iskandaria, just south of Baghdad, where we had so many people sitting around waiting for our next move, I couldn't even believe it. The truth is we had way more soldiers than we needed. And we easily secured every ammo storage facility that we found- large and small. How can Kerry claim to "praise the efforts of our brave soldiers" while he spits in our face with false charges of incompetence?

Is it any wonder that the overwhelming majority of us are disgusted by the idea of Kerry as Commander in Chief?

Yes, in case you haven't noticed- Kerry flat out sickens me. Please hit the polls on the 2nd. Don't let that man be my new boss- I can't even handle the thought of it...

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Explosive Plot Thickens

When I gave my take on the missing explosives yesterday, I had no idea that it had become such a political hot potato in the US. Drudge is currently breaking a story that not only suggests that my theory was correct, but that this whole thing was intended to be Kerry's October Surprise!

Let's cover the developments:

First, the NY Times breaks the story:

The NYTIMES urgently reported on Monday in an apparent October Surprise: The Iraqi interim government and the U.N. nuclear agency have warned the United States that nearly 380 tons of powerful conventional explosives are now missing from one of Iraq's most sensitive former military installations. (The source behind the NYT story first went to CBSNEWS' 60 MINUTES last Wednesday, but the beleaguered network wasn't able to get the piece on the air as fast as the newspaper could print. Executive producer Jeff Fager hoped to break the story during a high-impact election eve broadcast of 60 MINS on October 31.)
Next, Senator Kerry pounces:

Jumping on the TIMES exclusive, Dem presidential candidate John Kerry blasted the Bush administration for its failure to "guard those stockpiles."

"This is one of the great blunders of Iraq, one of the great blunders of this administration," Kerry said.

The liberal media went nuts:

*ABCNEWS Mentioned The Explosives At Least 4 Times
*CBSNEWS Mentioned The Explosives At Least 7 Times
*MSNBC Mentioned The Explosives At Least 37 Times
*CNN Mentioned The Explosives At Least 50 Times

But then here's the part that really shocks me. In an apparent show of good faith (and perhaps wary of the recent Rathergate scandal), ultra-liberal NBC News comes clean:

NBCNEWS reported: The 380 tons of powerful conventional explosives were already missing back in April 10, 2003 -- when U.S. troops arrived at the installation south of Baghdad!

An NBCNEWS crew embedded with troops moved in to secure the Al-Qaqaa weapons facility on April 10, 2003, one day after the liberation of Iraq.

According to NBCNEWS, the HMX and RDX explosives were already missing when the American troops arrived.

"The U.S. Army was at the site one day after the liberation and the weapons were already gone," a top Republican blasted from Washington late Monday.
And the battle rages on. Democrats accuse the Republicans of lying and covering up, while the Republicans accuse the Democrats of making false charges in an effort to save their dying campaign. My take- this will generate some back and forth on all the pundit shows, but the "October Surprise" attempt fell well short of the mark.

Nice try, Senator- but you're going to have to come up with something better than false claims about our military's ability (or lack thereof) to secure sensitive weapons depots. War is hell. We do the best we can- sorry if that hurts your election bid.

If you don't believe that the Kerry campaign is struggling right now, I'd ask you to check out the most recent electoral analysis at Real Clear Politics.

My Prediction

I'm going to make a bold move here. With one week to go until the votes are tallied, I'm calling this race for Bush. I think the margin of victory will be a little larger than most people think. The popular vote will be Bush 53% - Kerry 45% - Nader 1.5%. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Neal Boortz disagrees with me:

We're one week away from the election, so here's my prediction. As much as it pains me to say this, I'm still predicting a Kerry win. The left is simply going to do a better job at voter turnout than the right. A huge part of the Democratic party base doesn't have to worry about such inconveniences as jobs to prevent them from voting. They have all the time in the world, and these early voting locations give the unions and other leftist activists all the time they need to get out there, pick up their myrmidons, and get them to the polls. The productive class, on the other hand, has distractions .. distractions that may prevent them from getting to the polls. Besides, it's difficult to herd individuals. Liberals don't have to try to herd individuals ... their followers gave up their individuality decades ago.

Then, of course, there's the problem with stupid voters. It is beyond understand that we actually allow decisions like this to be made by millions of people who have no understanding of government or of the candidates. They decide which candidate is going to give them the most stuff ... and that's how they vote.

Hopefully I'll have a brighter outlook by the end of the week.
I sure hope he's wrong...

Monday, October 25, 2004

The Battle Rages On

Needless to say, we were all shocked to learn about the Iraqi National Guard ambush. Under no circumstances should they have been traveling as a large unarmed group like that- not that the terrorists have any excuse for what they did. It just pains me to see those ING guys doing something so blatantly wrong. I don't think we'll see a repeat of that mistake.

It was definitely an inside job. The ING is being infiltrated by insurgents, and the insurgents are capitalizing on their security soft spots. The ING guys need to tighten up those soft spots, or it'll continue to get even uglier.

I think this attack may very well backfire on Zarqawi. He aimed to scare the ING soldiers throughout Iraq. I think he just succeeded in making them very angry. I'll be surprised if Zarqawi lasts until mid November. We'll see...

Missing Explosives

How can we lose almost 400 tons of high-powered explosive material? This is one of those things that just doesn't make sense if you don't know the context. I'm having trouble understanding it myself, but I'll tell you what I do know. When we first crossed the border to start the invasion, we saw some very strange things out in the open desert. Things that weren't supposed to be there. Fighter jets. Randomly scattered tanks and armored vehicles. We even found helicopters hidden underneath foliage on the riverbanks. This was all part of Saddam's bizarre strategy. He knew we'd come in there and thump him. He was hoping that we'd level the country and then leave it in shambles. After we left, he would reemerge and pick up the high-value pieces of war machinery that he cleverly scattered throughout the countryside. Not a brilliant strategy, but please understand his limited options. We recovered most of the jets, choppers, and tanks in a relatively short period of time. We stopped seeing them around after about 3 months.

Well, it looks like Saddam also scattered his cache of explosives- removing them from his main bunker and stashing them who-knows-where. We hoped to recover those explosives before the looters got to them. Unfortunately, the looters had the inside track, because they were the ones that scattered them in the first place. These explosives would fetch a very high price, and the potential destructive capabilities are not something we'd like to deal with.

I'm not certain that this happened as I described, but from the information I gleaned thus far it seems to add up. Stay tuned...

Better News

Make sure you check out the Mudville Gazette. It's a great site.

New Location

I moved during the weekend. I'm not at Camp Arifjan anymore, but I'm pretty close. It may or may not affect my ability to blog away at the pace I've been on. I'll do my best. Thanks for all the support!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Ramadan Thus Far

Well, we're more than a week into Ramadan, and so far so good. Most of us expected more violence than what we've seen so far. No cause for celebration- just surprising is all. With less than two weeks until the US election, there is still lots of room for bad things to happen. It would be nice if it didn't. Here's a few points:

1) Since Ramadan started, violence has been up about 25%.

2) The south has been quiet. Remember when we had daily attacks on oil pipelines and convoys down there? Hardly any of that anymore. I think a big reason for this is Sistani's growing influence and his vocal support of the elections. The success in Najaf probably helped as well. There's some other stuff, but I'd have to kill you if I told you about it...

3) The north (especially Mosul) is not quiet. There's a noticable increase in violence up there in the past few weeks. It's fairly obvious that the insurgents are pouring out of Fallujah, Samarra, et al and heading north in the hopes of finding a more "suitable" environment. I think they are destined for dissapointment.

Why are they leaving the Sunni Triangle?

I see a couple reasons for this.

First the most obvious- we've been making Fallujah a not-so-great place for them to live. Nightly air raids and daily checkpoints around the city make it tough for them to get any work done. It's hard to execute a good plan when you're dead.

The second reason is not as obvious, but even more important- the people in the Sunni Triangle are sick of the violence. It took them a long time to figure it out, but they're finally starting to realize the truth. I can't blame them for taking so long. We have to understand how difficult it is for them to fully understand what is real and what isn't. Al Jazeera, the most watched channel in Iraq, reports everything with an anti-coalition slant- "US slaughters 12 innocent women and children" "Coalition martyrs 3 car bombers" "Israel believed responsible as 34 Iraqi children slaughtered by car bomber" "US to hand control of Iraq to Israel by end of 2005" You get the idea- most of it's too ridiculous to even comprehend. The insurgents reiterate and repeat these bogus stories and offer to protect the frightened civilians from the "evil American oil-thieves." We can't force the people to watch different channels. We can't even force Al Jazeera off the air (although that would help a lot). The only thing we can do is what we've always been doing- let our actions do the talking. Build up the infrastructure. Protect and serve. It may take some time, but eventually the people begin to notice that what they see on TV does not mesh with the reality being played out before them. It's finally happening in that region. What the insurgents are certain to find out is that the people up north have known the truth for quite some time. The insurgents will not be welcome up there. The good people of Mosul will sell them out much faster than the folks in Fallujah did. Uday and Qusay would back me up on this one, but they're too dead right now. The insurgents are starting to look more and more like dollar signs to the newly opportunistic violence-weary populace. This is not good news for the insurgency. Hopefully, a successful election will compound their problems. I agree with Mohammed from Baghdad:

We will triumph and our patience and belief in our cause are our weapons and the support we get from freedom lovers from all over the world encourages us to move on and fight with more faith in victory.The pessimism we’re being flooded by from the media began to lose its 'glitter' and a bunch of terrorists backed by a bunch of “abduction scholars” will not succeed to steal the dreams of a nation.

Read the rest at Iraq the Model (thank you Sara).

Why Did We Have To Do This?

I'm amazed by how often I hear this question- even today. It's clear that many people in this country still don't understand why we had to forcefully remove Saddam from power. Many people want to blame this on the politicians- especially Bush. I won't defend the politicians for "failing to get the word out," but I will offer an alternative blame scenario. What if it's not the politician's fault? What if it's the media's fault? What if the politicians presented a dozen reasons for the invasion- each reason a perfectly good justification in and of itself- but the only thing ever reported by the media is "there were no weapons of mass destruction." Is that Bush's fault? Is it the media's fault? What if the media is only pandering to the demands of the common people? Is it then our fault? How can we demand the truth when all we want to hear is controversy? The media chases ratings, and the numbers don't lie. I just think these are reasonable questions that are seldom asked and never answered. I bring it up because I just read some excerpts from an upcoming Rolling Stone interview with Eminem. Here's what Slim Shady had to say:

He’s (Bush) been painted to be this hero and he’s got our troops over there dying for no reason. I haven’t heard an explanation yet that I can understand. Explain to us why we have troops over there dying.

My question to Eminem would be simple- Why do you have to understand the explanation in order for it to be valid? It's bad enough that Kerry wants a "Global Test"- could you imagine the strain on our national defense capability if we had to vet our foreign policy decisions through an "Eminem Test?" I wonder if Eminem ever read a book about Saddam or the Middle East in general? I wonder if Eminem is smart enough to understand the following passage from this Charles Moore article from the Telegraph:

Bush has got the big idea. There is a global problem with Islamism. There is a problem of alliances between bad states and terror organisations that reach beyond state boundaries. There is an almost universal rottenness in the politics of the Arab world. There is an atrocious weakness or, as the UN oil-for-food scandal shows, worse than weakness, in many of the Western nations and international organisations that are supposed to help guarantee our security. And it is the duty of the most powerful nation on earth to do something about it.

There are thousands of articles like this one out there. There are hundreds of books as well. The mainstream media has no interest in presenting you with this kind of information. The mainstream media wants to give you whatever supports their bottom line- determined by focus groups and ratings. Get your information spoon-fed to you by the mainstream media and I promise you- you'll be as clueless as Eminem. You'll get "brain candy." You will be made to feel that you are on the cutting edge of current events- that you've been given a real-time feed of the truth as it stands right now. They'll tell you that you can't afford not to watch- you never know when that alert level might change to orange. But underneath it all, you'll only be seeing what the media thinks you want to see. If you want the real truth, you'll have to go find it on your own.

I would guess that Eminem is probably not smart enough to understand the global problem with Islamic governments or the dynamic challenges posed by Islamofascism. I would guess that he has no clue about the unbelievable implications of the current oil-for-food scandal. I'd like to ask him what he thinks about the US as the only superpower in the world today. What does it mean in a global sense? What are the socioeconomic and geopolitical implications? How does it affect our strategic alliances with European nations? Middle Eastern nations? I'd love to ask him these things. You know what I'd get? That's right- a blank stare. Eminem blames Bush for not being able to explain the reasons for war in a way that Eminem can understand. I blame Eminem, because he makes no effort to understand. He could prove me wrong about this by answering some of those questions I cooked up for him. Think anyone will ever ask him those questions? No- it'll never happen, because no sane journalist is dumb enough to believe he'd even understand the questions, much less give a coherent answer. Eminem doesn't want to understand this war- but he loves to mouth off about it. And there are a lot of people like Eminem out there.

Friday, October 22, 2004

The Duelfer Report

Christopher Hitchens offers the best assessment I've seen on the subject:

His conclusion is that, given an improvement in the economic and political climate, Saddam could and would have done one of two things: reconstitute the program or share it with others. Had it not been for 9/11, it is sobering to reflect, there would have been senior members of even this administration arguing that sanctions on Iraq should be eased. And, through the open scandal of the oil-for-food program, there were many states or clienteles within states who were happy to help Saddam enrich himself. Moreover, within the "box" that supposedly "contained" him were also living Kim Jong-il, A.Q. Khan, and Col. Qaddafi. We know from the Kay report that, as late as March of last year, Saddam's envoys were meeting North Korea's team in Damascus and trying to buy missiles off the shelf. It would never have stopped: this ceaseless ambition to acquire the means of genocide. If anything, we underestimated that aspect of it.
Too true. Read the rest.

The Hip Hop Debate

Right now, Bush is whipping Kerry in the Hip Hop Debate (57%-43% at last count). You must check out this site. Make sure you select Bush's "Money Walk" and Kerry's "Flip-Flop." Once you've selected all the moves, you'll be allowed to vote. Pure genius.


Kerry Sucks

In case there was any doubt in your mind- I highly recommend

The Fall of Castro

I struggled with this for a while. You've all seen the clip. Most of you probably laughed at least as hard as I did. I've never seen such a funny geopolitical debacle. He looked so amazingly silly as he tumbled. But then I had to remind myself- I was laughing hysterically at the site of a 78-year-old man falling down and breaking an arm and a leg. Can we do that? I'm really feeling weird about this one- but I can't stop watching it and laughing. Somebody please help...

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Company Commander Gets the Boot

First off, let me say that her incompetence has nothing to do with the fact that she's a woman. Some of the best company commanders I ever served with were women. In fact, one of my best female buds in Iraq was a much better commander than her husband (sorry Bryan, but you know it's true).

The commander of the 343rd Quartermaster Company was just overwhelmed. She certainly had a tough job, and she was clearly not up to the task:

The outgoing commander is not suspected of misconduct and this move has nothing to do with the guilt or innocence of anyone involved.
True- lack of leadership ability does not imply guilt or misconduct, but relief from company command is a career killer- especially when you get it on a national stage.

I'm Finally Ethical

Today, I felt the effects of Abu Ghraib firsthand. I sat through a way-too-long 1-hour ethics class- taught by an Army lawyer. Let me say that again. For 1 hour, a lawyer taught me about ethics.

I've been expecting this sort of knee-jerk reactionary measure since the scandal broke. It's not enough that a bunch of sex-crazed S&M enthusiasts from Backwoods, Maryland completely ruined our rep- now they've caused us to all to sacrifice one precious hour of our lives. Losers. At least the highest ranking guy received a nice long sentence.

I've noticed that nobody on the left wants to talk about how perfectly the Army handled this scandal. The powers that be were honest and up-front from the start. They rounded up the perps and prosecuted them swiftly. The story is simple- a crime was committed and the offenders were punished. That should have been the end of it.

The Army wanted to keep the pictures from being shown, because the brass knew that showing those pictures would only fan the flames of the insurgency (which they did). Of course, CBS had other plans. Screw the deployed soldiers- let's get ratings! CBS and every other news agency that showed those pics has blood on their hands- make no mistake about it.

No- all the talk is about why this happened. Who's responsible. People want so desperately to pin it on Rumsfeld and/or Bush.

Well, I could find out why it happened. If I had a film crew and about 6 months of spare time, I could make a documentary that would explain it all. But I wouldn't talk to Rumsfeld, Bush, or anyone that has anything to do with the military. I'd go straight to Cresaptown, Maryland. I'd go to the schools that these soldiers attended. I'd interview their teachers, their families, their friends, former boyfriends/girlfriends. I'd go to the places where they'd hang out together and bond after a hard day at the office. I'd talk to the local bar owners and police. I'd find out everything there was to know about each and every one of those miscreants. 6 months and a film crew- and I'd have all the answers. I guarantee it.

Secretary-General Clinton?

I'm not kidding- I saw this on Drudge:

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton has set his sights on becoming U.N. secretary-general. A Clinton insider and a senior U.N. source have told United Press International the 56-year-old former president would like to be named
leader of the world body when Kofi Annan's term ends early in 2006.
The thing that shocks me the most- I don't even know what to think about it! What if he gets it, and then Hillary becomes President in 2008? Could we then take over the world? What does Monica think about all this? Too many questions...

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Franks Tells It Like It Is

I'm sure you've all heard John Kerry's oft-quoted lie about Bush's failures in Afghanistan (not an exact quote)- "Bush had bin Laden surrounded at Tora Bora. And what did he do? He failed to capture him because he outsourced the job to Afghan warlords who had no interest in seeing bin Laden brought to justice." That sounds familiar doesn't it? Of course, anyone with a brain knows that Bush was not in Afghanistan making tactical decisions on the ground. Those decisions were made by General Tommy Franks, and he apparently doesn't appreciate the factually-challenged criticism that Kerry's been throwing at him:

As commander of the allied forces in the Middle East, I was responsible for the operation at Tora Bora, and I can tell you that the senator's understanding of events doesn't square with reality.

That's because he's lying, General.

Read the entire article here (login: laexaminer, password: laexaminer).

LTG Michael Dunn Defends CIA

I like LTG Dunn. Back when he was MG Dunn, I used to fly him around Korea almost weekly. In fact, I flew him to a meeting on that fateful day when I ended up having lunch with Luciano Pavoratti at the DMZ. If you don't know that crazy story, be sure to ask me about it someday. But I digress. LTG Dunn presented me and my crew with a "commander's coin" every time we flew him somewhere. He's a solid guy and always interesting to talk to. I like that he went on the record to defend the intel community. They've been getting a real bad wrap ever since 9/11. It's really not fair when you think about it- they save our lives over and over again without any notice or appreciation. They've been doing it for decades and they're still doing it now. But the only time they come under the spotlight is when something goes wrong. LTG Dunn puts this in his own hearfelt perspective in a recent letter to the Wall Street Journal. Here's a clip:

...Some have likened the task of information gathering to putting together the pieces of a puzzle. In truth, it's more like piecing together shards of glass from a large, shattered picture window, a window that is mixed up with hundreds of other shattered windows and with other pieces of glass that don't belong to any window.

We should worry about the consequences of "failure to know." The intelligence community (IC) analyst of the future might be inclined to lower the threshold on what he provides to decision-makers so that they know everything he knows, and so he can say, "I told you" when facing the next 9/11 Commission. The decision makers of the future could be overwhelmed with so much "spam" that they have very little knowledge -- much like the bulk mail in our own personal e-mail accounts. Or worse yet, instead of IC judgments, they may choose to filter the data based on their own compass and in the absence of IC filters/summaries, they may make the judgments themselves. Or they may be inclined to ignore most of it. Or the IC may lapse into a language of qualifiers -- using such phrases such as: could, may, might, possibly, may possibly, and believe (vs. know). All of this takes us down paths much worse than we are on today.

Finally, we do a disservice to the professionals in the IC to continue to refer to not knowing something as a "failure." We will not, nor should we expect, to know everything, and I can absolutely guarantee there will be "failures" in the future. We should thank the IC for the many "finds" they have made, the many lives they have saved, and their sacrifice, many times in blood, for our nation. I, for one, am grateful for their service.

Me, too.

Great Letter from a Guard Guy

My lovely Aunt (a true American patriot if there ever was one) was kind enough to bring this great letter to my attention. This is a letter from Ray Reynolds, a medic in the Iowa Army National Guard, serving in Iraq:

As I head off to Baghdad for the final weeks of my stay in Iraq, I wanted to say thanks to all of you who did not believe the media. They have done a very poor job of covering everything that has happened. I am sorry that I have not been able to visit all of you during my two week leave back home. And just so you can rest at night knowing something is happening in Iraq that is noteworthy, I thought I would pass this on to you. This is the list of things that has happened in Iraq recently: (Please share it with your friends and compare it to the version that your paper is producing.)

*Over 400,000 kids have up-to-date immunizations.

*School attendance is up 80% from levels before the war.

*Over 1,500 schools have been renovated and rid of the weapons stored there so education can occur.

*The port of Uhm Qasar was renovated so grain can be off-loaded from ships faster.

*The country had its first 2 billion barrel export of oil in August.

*Over 4.5 million people have clean drinking water for the first time ever in Iraq.

*The country now receives 2 times the electrical power it did before the war.

*100% of the hospitals are open and fully staffed, compared to 35% before the war.

* Elections are taking place in every major city, and city councils are in place.

*Sewer and water lines are installed in every major city.

*Over 60,000 police are patrolling the streets.

*Over 100,000 Iraqi civil defense police are securing the country.

*Over 80,000 Iraqi soldiers are patrolling the streets side by side with US soldiers.

*Over 400,000 people have telephones for the first time ever.

*Students are taught field sanitation and hand washing techniques to prevent the spread of germs.

*An interim constitution has been signed.

*Girls are allowed to attend school.

*Textbooks that don't mention Saddam are in the schools for the first time in 30 years.

Don't believe for one second that these people do not want us there. I have met many, many people from Iraq that want us there, and in a bad way. They say they will never see the freedoms we talk about but they hope their children will. We are doing a good job in Iraq and I challenge anyone, anywhere to dispute me on these facts. If you are like me and very disgusted with how this period of rebuilding has been portrayed, email this to a friend and let them know there are good things happening.

Ray Reynolds, SFC Iowa Army
National Guard 234th Signal Battalion
Back to the Old

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone for their honest feedback about the "new" format. I heard your voices and they were loud. Thus, I am back to the old format and here I'll stay. I think you all were right- this one does look better.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A New Look

I changed my blog template. Let me know if I should keep it or change it again.

UPDATE: Just found out my site was down for awhile. Maybe my new infatuation with HTML has gone too far. I promise I'll settle on a format soon enough.

Disobedient Troops Revisited

On a comment from an earlier post, Bcus hit the nail on the head with respect to the belligerent platoon:

Even if the soldiers are bad eggs or marginal performers, it is still a big ding on the leadership, they should have seen this coming.

My sentiments exactly. The talking-head military analysts are usually too politically saturated for my taste, but I think COL David Hunt explained it brilliantly on the O'Reilly Factor last night. The initial indications that I've seen lead me to believe that there was an "us against the officers" mentality among the senior NCO's in the platoon. That should have been noticed and dealt with immediately by the Platoon Leader and especially the Company Commander. It should have never gone as far as it did, no matter how justified the soldier's complaints turn out to be. What really shocked me is that these soldiers refused the mission knowing that their sister platoon would have to assume the mission off cycle. That's an extreme case of "screwing your buddy" and it's just not how the Army operates. There are some serious personality conflicts going on here. These soldiers (especially the NCO's) will likely be punished, and I fully expect some officers to lose their careers over this.

100 Killed???

Looks like a mortar/rocket barrage hit a dead center in the middle of an ING formation today. My sources tell me that some media estimates of 100 killed are greatly exaggerated. For the shots to be so deadly accurate, I have to believe that it was an inside job- meaning that one of the ING soldiers from that post orchestrated or helped to orchestrate that attack. It was just too well-planned and well-coordinated.

Good News for Bill

Looks like someone's come out with some information that could help Bill O'Reilly. My prediction for this scandal: O'Reilly wins the litigation, his "squeaky clean image" takes a huge hit, and his ratings go through the roof.

Monday, October 18, 2004

The New "Mr. USO"

Last night I was treated to an energetic and amusing performance by a troupe of entertainers led by the one and only Wayne Newton. They did a show in the parking lot near my barracks building, so I couldn't avoid it even if I wanted to. Wayne really likes us. I think he's lobbying for the "Mr. USO" title once held by the immortal Bob Hope.

The funniest performer of the night was Rob Schneider (Saturday Night Live, Deuce Bigalow, The Animal). He told some really lewd and profanity-laced jokes, and most of them were really funny- especially when he made fun of our Commanding General, who was sitting in the front row. It was a big hit with the audience and the CG seemed to take it in stride...

The Truth About Iraq

Finally- the truth about Iraq! Here's a clip from their "myths and facts" page:
We've identified some of the major myths manufactured by the media, and we have tried to counter them with statistically valid public opinion research.

The truth is better than you think. Be proud America.

You must check out this site. Read it, know it, love it, bookmark it, and tell all your friends about it.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Disobedient Troops

I'm sure most of you have heard about the platoon that "just said no." I don't want to speculate about what happened up there- the truth is I really don't know. The media has already spun it into the next Abu Ghraib fiasco, so the damage has already been done. My early assessment is that there was a spectacular failure of leadership- probably the Company Commander, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Platoon Leader and possibly even the Battalion Commander find themselves on the blame line as well. I expect that some of the belligerent soldiers will get a nice reprimand and the problem will be fixed quickly. The short of it is- when leadership fails, the unit will fall apart. That's clearly what happened here, and it's too bad. This will be one of those cases when the failures of a few will smear the accomplishments of 140,000.


It's interesting to watch the various news agencies trying to figure out what we're doing in Fallujah. Are we attacking? Surrounding? Threatening? Is this the big showdown? Of course I know the answer, but I can't tell you. Sorry.

OH-58D's Down

I can't tell you much about the OH-58D crashes from last night either. Looks like it was a midair, but that's just speculation on my part. We're still getting the details on that one. I obviously feel a particular sting whenever we have flight-related mishaps. We mourn the loss of those two brave troops and we hope the injured recover quickly...

True Courage

As a counterbalance to the "rogue platoon" story, I recommend you check this out. It's the kind of medicine that will cure any doubts you may have about our military's willingness to get the job done.

What a Slimeball- an Edwards Outrage

Can John Edwards possibly sink any lower? Here's one of most telling articles I've yet read about the lawyer from Carolina. A small sample from Charles Krauthammer's masterpiece:

Politicians have long promised a chicken in every pot. It is part of the game. It is one thing to promise ethanol subsidies here, dairy price controls there. But to exploit the desperate hopes of desperate people with the promise of Christ-like cures is beyond the pale.

There is no apologizing for Edwards's remark. It is too revealing. There is absolutely nothing the man will not say to get elected.

The Swiftees are Back!

You must go check out their latest video- especially the second one- "Why?" See Bud Day (John McCain's roommate at the Hanoi Hilton) with his Medal of Honor around his neck and his passionate disdain for John Kerry on his sleeve- it'll give you goose bumps, I promise you.

I Got Links

I figured out a bit of HTML programming during this slow Sunday at the office. I think you'll find some cool stuff in my new "Links" column.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Stolen Honor- A Call to Action

I know what you're thinking- "2Slick doesn't post more than once a day!" Well, that's usually the case, but something just came to my attention. The Swiftees have announced a call to action campaign, and I wanted to help their efforts. They're fighting Kerry's push to silence Sinclair's upcoming broadcast of Stolen Honor. Kerry can't afford to have his true colors be shown to so many Americans this late in the game, so he's doing everything in his power to suppress Sinclair's right to broadcast this purely factual must-see film.

I emailed the second half of Wednesday's post to several Sinclair affiliates as well as their corporate headquarters. Forum member jdwill sent them a genuine masterpiece, and he was kind enough to let me share it with you:

I am a Vietnam era veteran. I have felt the stigma of being considered a fool, or worse when I came back to civilian life. I have watched as the movies and books of my time painted Vietnam veterans as less than honorable.

Now during this 2004 election campaign, we have endured Michael Moore's movie, Fahrenheit 911, and the 'critical' acclaim it received. We have had our children flock to it and come back filled with its lies. In this movie, OIF veterans are portrayed as were Vietnam veterans, as dupes to be pitied, not respected for doing what over 70% of the country approved of in the beginning.

I am not a war lover, but when we send these soldiers, our best, to fight and risk the ultimate sacrifice, we should support them and respect them. The logical extension of supporting our troops is to support their mission and to understand the tough choices they are often forced to make. How can you say to them "we support you but you are engaged in an immoral act"?

I have this month seen a documentary on cable, on the Sundance channel, called Unfinished Symphony that paints a sympathetic picture of John Kerry's anti-war activities and that of his group, the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Why can't a documentary that dissents from this be shown?

I have paid attention as large segments of the media tried to ignore, then squash, and then ignore again the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. It is not right for John Kerry to use his service in Vietnam time and time again to political advantage, yet brook no dissenting voice.

Free speech cannot be a one way street. If you show Stolen Honor, you will be doing the veterans of all wars, and indeed, the American people a great service.

Nice work, jdwill. If the rest of you feel as passionately about this as we do, I encourage you to go help the Swiftees!!!

Curing the Disease

I just read a great article on StrategyPage (thanks Instapundit), and when I read the following passage, I had to wonder if the author had been reading my blog:
Going into places like Fallujah and taking control is not as much of a problem. Keeping control is difficult, because the current government has a bad case of "the Iraqi disease." This affliction causes Iraqi politicians to believe their troops and police are more capable than they are. Although Saddam had this problem when facing foreign armies, he had a better sense of proportion when it came to terrorizing his own people. The current government is willing to just put civilians into police uniforms, give them a week or two of training and put them on the streets. American commanders are having a hard time pointing out the obvious; that this doesn't work. The cops and troops require more training, and the officers even more so. The Iraqis like to believe in magic, and have a hard time admitting that magic doesn't work. Saddam's followers don't believe in magic, they believe in terror, and terror does work.
I said that! Remember? The "Iraqi disease" goes far beyond wishful thinking and overconfidence. It's a myriad of problems that exist throughout the entire population. Conspiracy theories prevail, there's widespread distrust of virtually everyone, grudges last for centuries, there's a very low literacy rate, and their overall perception of reality is incredibly distorted. One can hardly blame them for having this disease, considering how the past several decades have treated them. I bring this up, because people in America simply don't understand what we're up against here. They can't understand why the world's most powerful military can't turn Iraq into a bastion of peace in 6 months or less. It just doesn't work like that. We freed Iraq from Saddam in a matter of weeks. It's going to take years for the Iraqi people to cure their own decades-old "disease." We'll help them with this, but we can't do it for them. The important thing is that it is happening now. Satellite TV's and Internet connections are now available, and reality is actively permeating the collective mentality. It'll take time, and the world will benefit in ways that most people still can't comprehend.


Things are looking good in Fallujah right now. Wow, that sounds like an oxymoron. Things are looking relatively good, I should say. Stay tuned...

Blogs of War

Great blog site, and I can't believe I haven't linked to it yet. It has more links than you'll ever be able to follow, but check it out when you get a chance- you won't be disappointed. It's amazing how much real information you can get from people who aren't concerned with turning a profit.


In a recent post, I claimed that Douglas Brinkley, Author of the John Kerry biofarce Tour of Duty, was calling for Kerry to sign the Form 180. While this appears to be at least partially true, I incorrectly deduced that the inept biographer doubted the validity of his source (Kerry). I tracked down the real story, and it appears that Brinkley just wanted to get reporters off his back! Here's an excerpt:

The Kerry campaign has refused to release Kerry's personal Vietnam archive, including his journals and letters, saying that the senator is contractually bound to grant Brinkley exclusive access to the material. But Brinkley said this week the papers are the property of the senator and in his full control.

"I don't mind if John Kerry shows anybody anything," he said. "If he wants to let anybody in, that's his business. Go bug John Kerry, and leave me alone." The exclusivity agreement, he said, simply requires "that anybody quoting any of the material needs to cite my book."

I bring this up, because I just saw him on Fox giving an interview. Brinkley lied his face off, and I couldn't believe my ears. I agree with Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam- "These days, Brinkley is acting a lot less like a historian and a lot more like a PR flack for John Kerry."

Here's what really fired me up- when asked about the Swiftees, Brinkley said (not an exact quote), "Well, you know- some of them have already been caught in a lie. Like Larry Thurlow- he said there was no enemy fire that day when Kerry got the Bronze Star. Well, it turns out Larry Thurlow got a Bronze Star for the same incident, and his citation said there was enemy fire, so clearly he was lying." And the Fox Newsies just sat there and nodded. Unbelievable. This is the kind of unforgivable dishonesty that lives and breathes in mainstream media. How in the world does he arrive at his assertion that Thurlow lied?

Thurlow got that award in the mail after the war- after he had served his time and he was busy restarting his life. He read the citation, shook his head because he knew it was false, tucked it away somewhere, and forgot about it. Why would he want to go out of his way to go set the record straight? What difference would it make? If he never planned to throw it at the White House, wear it, show it off, talk about it, or write about it- why bother even thinking about it? He did exactly what I would have done. He did what most vets would have done. Unlike John Kerry, he did not write his own citation. He just happened to get an award for someone's (I'd bet the farm it was Kerry's) bogus write-up. You can't impeach Mr. Thurlow's credibility with someone else's statement. Thurlow did nothing wrong. Read this WaPo article and you'll see that despite the Post's efforts to spin it- Thurlow never contradicted himself. So he didn't drive 500 miles to the nearest Navy base to contest the Bronze Star- does that make him a liar? Not even. If Brinkley produced one quote or even one shred of evidence that proves that Thurlow ever endorsed his award for the reasons given on the citation, then I'd say Thurlow's a liar. But Brinkley has no such evidence, because no such evidence exists. Brinkley called Thurlow, who is without a doubt a true American war hero, a liar on national TV. That's despicable. He should be ashamed.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Full Speed Ahead

Yesterday's post was a bit lengthy in case you didn't notice. It could have been 6 times longer, so be thankful! I'll keep this one short and sweet.

Ramadan is Coming

Just thought I'd give you a head's up. Those two attacks in the Green Zone this morning were a sign that the "Ramadan surge" may have begun. Sometime during the next 36 hours a Muslim will see the crescent moon, and the month-long religious holiday will begin. Last year, it got pretty bad. With the elections coming, I expect this year to be worse. One thing you might not know about this morning's attack- we think there was a third guy who chickened out. He was spotted running away with his back pack on.

Next Scandal Please!

In case you were wondering what the next scandal was going to be- you need look no further than Bill O'Reilly. If you have a strong stomach, you can read about his brand new sexual harassment battle at the Smoking Gun. I'm warning you- it's really bad. I'm a pretty tough guy, and I barely got through it. If this woman has audiotapes, it might be curtains for Bill. I like Bill, but I've noticed some things since I began watching his show about 6 months ago- Bill likes to compliment the ladies. He seems to go out of his way to elaborate on a woman's beauty, sometimes while she's sitting right there in front of him. I've noticed some uncomfortable moments on his show, and I have to say I'm not all that surprised by this lawsuit. I hate "political correctness," but I'll never condone publicly embarrassing someone like that- I think Bill came fairly close to crossing the line a few times. I'm not convicting him here- I'm just not going to jump to his defense. There is one wildcard in this story- this woman quit her job with O'Reilly and went to CNN for a brief time before returning to O'Reilly earlier this year. Remember that O'Reilly recently unseated Larry King as the new "King of Cable." Wouldn't it be interesting if CNN was somehow behind this...

If you think I'm crazy, go out and rent a movie called Weapons of Mass Distraction.

No More Debates

I'm glad they're over. I wasn't impressed with any of them. I think both guys succeeded in not "screwing up," which was their only goal from the start...

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Swiftees and the Fortunate Son

Okay, this is going to hurt. This election cycle produced one of the ugliest "scandal versus scandal" battles in recent memory. Why on Earth are we bickering about stuff that happened 30+ years ago??? Clearly, people want to focus on today's pressing issues (and there are many of those). But then, why did Kerry's numbers drop like a rock when the Swiftees came to town? Why did the Democratic National Committee launch Operation Fortunate Son? Why did Dan Rather use forged documents as the basis for a 60 Minutes story on the day that Operation Fortunate Son was launched? So many questions, so little time. Would you think I was crazy if I said that John Kerry and the Democratic Party are to blame for ALL of this? Stay with me, here...

President Bush and the Texas Air National Guard

This one is easy. It's a non-story. There is nothing about Bush's Guard record that is worth reporting. The simple truth is that Bush joined the Guard, fulfilled his obligations, and was honorably discharged. End of story. Not even worth a blurb on CNN's bottom line ticker. Did he get preferential treatment? Probably. Does that mean he's a bad guy? Or a bad pilot? A bad President? I don't think so. I'd like to meet a Kennedy who never received any "preferential treatment." (If you're really interested in this, read on. Otherwise skip down to the Swiftees)

It's all in the numbers, really. As a Guardsman, he was required to rack up at least 50 points per year in order to meet the minimum standards for service. Bush earned 253 points in his first year, May 1968 to May 1969 (since he joined in May 1968, his service thereafter was measured on a May-to-May basis). Bush earned 340 points in 1969-1970. He earned 137 points in 1970-1971. And he earned 112 points in 1971-1972. In his first four years, Bush not only showed up, he showed up a lot.

That brings the story to May 1972 — the time that has been the focus of so many news reports — when Bush “deserted” (according to Michael Moore) or went “AWOL” (Terry McAuliffe, chairman of the Democratic National Committee). Bush asked for permission to go to Alabama to work on a Senate campaign. His superior officers said OK. Requests like that weren’t unusual according to retired Col. William Campenni, who flew with Bush in 1970 and 1971. “In 1972, there was an enormous glut of pilots,” Campenni says. “The Vietnam War was winding down, and the Air Force was putting pilots in desk jobs. In ’72 or ’73, if you were a pilot, active or Guard, and you had an obligation and wanted to get out, no problem. In fact, you were helping them solve their problem.” So Bush stopped flying. From May 1972 to May 1973, he earned just 56 points — not much, but enough to meet his requirement.

Then, in 1973, as Bush made plans to leave the Guard and go to Harvard Business School, he again started showing up frequently. In June and July of 1973, he accumulated 56 points, enough to meet the minimum requirement for the 1973-1974 year. Then, at his request, he was given permission to go. Bush received an honorable discharge after serving five years, four months and five days of his original six-year commitment. By that time, however, he had accumulated enough points in each year to cover six years of service.

During his service, Bush received high marks as a pilot. A 1970 evaluation said Bush “clearly stands out as a top notch fighter interceptor pilot” and was “a natural leader whom his contemporaries look to for leadership.” A 1971 evaluation called Bush “an exceptionally fine young officer and pilot” who “continually flies intercept missions with the unit to increase his proficiency even further.” And a 1972 evaluation called Bush “an exceptional fighter interceptor pilot and officer.” I know, I know- you're thinking- "Wow, how does 2Slick know all this stuff?" It's out there, folks. The truth is in the blogosphere. I found this gem of a rundown on the Drudge Retort of all places- posted by some guy named RickyD. Brit Hume of Fox News fame did an excellent piece that contained all these same facts. Dan Rather and Mary Mapes spent 5 years going after this story- I'm sure they'd love to tell us all about their research, but they're probably not allowed to talk about it since they're under investigation for fraud (re: forged memos). Terry McAuliffe launched Operation Fortunate Son the same day the story aired. Joe Lockhart spoke with Mary Mapes and her "source" on a few occasions. Let's blame the Democrats and CBS for this one.

The worst thing about all this? When's the last time you heard Bush say "Vote for me because I was a great Guard pilot!" You've never heard him say that- and so it should have never been an issue...

The Swiftees

The reason John Kerry's Vietnam service record is an issue is quite simple- Kerry made it an issue. He correctly assumed that the Democrats would favor him as "the candidate who could defeat Bush" if he ran on a "tough guy / combat vet" platform (a war hero candidate to lead us in the War on Terror) . He put out a book called Tour of Duty that drew immediate criticism and concern from many of the officers and sailors that served with him. They formed a group (now it's called the Swift Boat Veterans and POW's for Truth) and made 2 very simple demands:

1) Apologize for his outrageously false claims about war crimes in 1971 (war crimes were committed on a day-to-day basis with the full knowledge of superior officers and it was widespread and a matter of policy, etc...).

2) Sign the Form 180, so the world could see that he lied about much of the "heroism" that he boasted about in his book. Douglas Brinkley, author of Tour of Duty, has also called for Kerry to sign the Form 180- he now believes Kerry lied to him.

Senator Kerry has not met either of these demands.

There are plenty of "red flags" that we military folks recognized immediatly. The first and most obvious "flag"- 3 Purple Hearts in four months and not a scratch on him. This is hard to do. Try to find someone else who accomplished this feat. Trust me, you won't find anyone else.

All those medals! Want to know the best way to determine if someone was a real war hero? Well, if you're trying to determine, then chances are that person is a hero. Real heroes don't usually talk about their medals. Real heroes never use their medals for any type of personal gain. Real heroes NEVER use their medals to make a political statement. John Kerry did all of these things. John Kerry used his medals to protest a war (I threw them at the White House), and he used those same medals to bolster his status as a war hero Presidential candidate (read my book!). This is very suspicious activity. It makes anyone with a military background wonder, "How did he get those medals?"

The Swiftees succeeded in exposing Kerry's "Cambodia" lie. No need to go into that one. Senator Kerry lied on the Senate floor as he tried to affect national policy, and he doesn't even deny it.

The fact that Kerry did not earn his first Purple Heart is a slam dunk that could easily be proven if Kerry would only sign that Form 180. Trust me- he won't sign that form.

The Silver Star is just bizarre. I'm not saying he didn't earn it- but I'll be the first one to say that it sure seems fishy. Read about it here.

The Bronze Star controversy is more difficult and more complicated than the others. The media claims that the Swiftees' claims against Kerry in this case are "unsubstantiated" because "official Navy documents" support Kerry's version of events. While common citizens find this to be a reasonable assessment, we military folks laugh out loud at such an assertion. For example, I could type up a false report right now (without ever leaving my desk) that my boss would readily believe, send up the chain, and by next week I'd have a Purple Heart and Silver Star with plenty of "official Army documents" to support them. If one of my coworkers were to say, "Hey wait a minute! You didn't rescue six children from a car bomber!" I'd say, "Sure I did- I've got plenty of 'official documents' that prove it. Wanna touch my medals?" I'm not saying Kerry never left his desk- clearly he was out there on the boat that day. Eyewitness accounts vary, which is common when all hell breaks loose and gunshots echo all around. But the reality is that there is no way that it happened the way Kerry claims it happened. No damage to the boats. Not a single bullet wound on any of the sailors. If you doubt that Kerry wrote his own citation for that Bronze Star, I'd ask you to read this. I assure you- he gave himself that Bronze Star.

Enough about the medals. Here's why I think he's Unfit for Command:

John Kerry served more than most and should therefore be honored, right? WRONG! How about our "heroic soldiers" who abused the prisoners in Iraq and took photos for all the world to see? They served more than most people. Like Kerry, some of them performed an act of courage here and there. Should they be honored? To make a blanket statement along the lines of "anyone who served should be honored" is just plain ignorant. There are bad apples in every bunch, and the sad truth is that there is a small minority of soldiers in every American war that did more to hurt the cause than to help. John Kerry is one of those bad apples. "Why" you ask? Well, it has nothing to do with the fact that he lied to get medals.

As a leader/officer in wartime, one must ensure that soldiers know one thing above all else- that their leaders are looking out for them. The soldiers must believe that the ones in charge will devote every last breath, drop of blood, bead of sweat to ensure the soldiers' safety during the course of the mission. John Kerry did no such thing. He got 3 band-aid wounds, and promptly headed home. Remember- 3 purple hearts gave one the choice to leave- it was not obligatory. What kind of message did that send to his sailors and all the other enlisted sailors in his unit? I'll tell you what message it sent- "officers look out for themselves." Officers will get rattled and say "OK good luck guys! I'm outta here!!"

Apparently a handful (maybe 9 out of about 300?) of the sailors he served with have forgiven him. Understandable, given the fact that he delivered those troops a national cheering audience that was more than 30 years overdue (at the DNC). But I'll tell you who will NEVER forgive him for what he did- the officers who served with him. He complicated their efforts, he hurt their unit's morale, he put their lives in danger, and he quickly rubbed salt in their wounds by coming home and bashing the ones who were brave enough to stay behind and do their duty. He had an anti-war agenda before he even joined the Navy. He used his credibility as an officer to propagate outrageous theories that hurt the ones who were still held captive, and caused years of unfair bias and hard feelings toward thousands of brave and honorable vets after they returned home.

He did all of this in order to win political fame and favor in the Democratic Party. It was his ticket to the big time, and he cashed it without a second thought. Reprehensible in every sense of the word. Say what you want about whether or not he deserved his medals- I could care less. As a leader in the US Military, he was an insult to our profession. He would have served his country much better by never having gone to Vietnam.

Ollie North wrote him a letter that makes me think he and I are on the same page with all this.

The mainstream media, for the most part, completely shunned the Swiftees (now called the Swift Boat Veterans and POW's for Truth)- dismissing them as Republican operatives who were thoroughly debunked and discredited. Nevertheless, the Swiftees still managed to bring Kerry's campaign to a grinding halt in mid-August. The reason for this is simple- they are not Republicans- they are highly decorated and honorable men who have valid reasons for disliking John Kerry. The media has done everything in its power to deny this fact, but the American people are too smart for the liberal smokescreen.

John Kerry called the Swiftees into action. I'm glad they showed up.

Zarqawi in a Bind

Before I go- remember what I said recently about Zarqawi's hard luck? Well, it looks like the famous Instapundit finally caught up to me. Check it out- it's good stuff...

Enjoy the last debate tonight!