Saturday, October 30, 2004

The "Almost" October Surprise

I just followed a pretty amazing ripple in the blogosphere (let's just say I had a hard time getting to sleep).

Let's start with an email that my good friend Jack sent me almost two months ago:

Subject: Fw: Kerry's Discharge

This looks like it has some meat in it.

From a retired Colonel communicator who lives in Temecula. I don't know what the significance of Oct 15th is or who established that date.

Comment by Sender -I think: Unlike McCain, Bush, and Gore,,,,Kerry has adamantly refused to authorize the release of his military records. Most think it's because of his phony battle medals. I think the real reason is below. He was not granted an Honorable Discharge until March 2001, almost 30 years after his ostensible service term had ended! This is very much out of the ordinary, and highly suspect. There are 5 classes of Discharge: Honorable, General, Other Than Honorable, Bad Conduct, and Dishonorable. My guess is that he was Discharged in the '70s, but not Honorably. He appealed this sometime while Clinton was doing trouser-tricks in the Oval Office. Political pressure was applied, and the Honorable Discharge was then granted. His file is probably rife with report of this, submissions and hearings on the appeal, reports of his "giving aid and comfort" to the enemy, along with protests that were filed with respect to his alleged valor under fire.

This will blow up in his face before October 15th.

Obviously, this didn't blow up before October 15th.

But today, rumors started swirling through the blogosphere (this from Franklog):

The rumor level is reaching new heights today as a strange series of events indicating pending breaking news are taking place.

Yesterday, a known and trusted poster to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth web forum, known as "Navy Chief" (other outlets are using his name, I prefer to use the name he prefers to use online) posted the following message.

Okay, folks.

We got it finally. We have the Former Secretary of the Navy who stated, "Yes, Kerry did receive an Other Than Honorable Discharge".

Stay tuned for more...

Shortly afterward, in the aftermath of hundreds of posts, the thread was locked and the information was deleted. What remains at the forum is the following: Content removed at the request of the author.

Sounds like things are getting interesting, right? It gets better. This document appeared on the Free Republic:


Words of Captain Donald L. Nelson, JAG corps USN ret: I was on active duty as a U.S. Navy JAG when all of this was going on 25 to 30 years ago, and so was Mark F. Sullivan, who at all relevant times was the personal JAG to J. William Middendorf, then the Secretary of the Navy.

We are trying to break this absolutely true story nationwide, i.e., Fox News, C-Span, and hopefully the major networks. We are positive that John Kerry was one of those dishonorably dismissed from the Navy for collaborating with the Viet Cong after he was released from active duty but still in the Navy and for a totally unauthorized trip to Hanoi. He later got an "honorable" separation in 1978, some 12 years after joining the Navy, under President Carter's "Amnesty Program" for draft dodgers, deserters, and other malcontents who fled to Canada and Holland, among other places, to avoid military service to our country.

This is why he has refused, and continues to refuse, to release all of his Navy records: they reflect that he was Dishonorably Dismissed from the United States Naval Service. If they do not (which they do) he would have released them to the public. Again, he has not done so, because he well knows that the truth would kill his challenge to President Bush. If you would like to talk with me, I may be reached at telephone number (925) 964-0943 in Danville, California, or at Contact information for CAPT Sullivan is below.


Mark F. Sullivan Sullivan Taketa LLP 31351 Via Colinas, Suite 205 Westlake Village, CA 91362-4576 Tel. (818) 889-2299

And for few crazy hours today, the Swift Vets website was scrambling to organize a massive rally in Washington D.C. for Monday. I saw the thread. Protest Warrior was getting involved- it was frantic.

And then all of a sudden- the "Navy Chief" dropped this heart-breaking bombshell (from Techie Vampire):

I have been asked by the highest authorities (No -- I will not expound) to not hold this Rally. Although our actions and intent has been nothing but honorable, this effort will not serve our purposes.

My sincerest apologies for this but I must ask that we stand down...

I certainly hope the "highest authorities" know what they are doing and I don't like this anymore than anyone else but I must ask you to stand down.

We can however, return to our previous effort in getting the truth to media outlets, Congress, and other influencial organizations.

This was a great idea and I'm very disappointed -- I hope you will forgive me for this. I'm assured that all will be clear in time (yeah right).

- Troy Jenkins (aka "Navy Chief")

And so the rally in DC was called off. Some people had already departed. This was going to be huge. One thing is certain- Kerry did not initially receive an Honorable Discharge from the Navy as he has claimed. We now know definitively why he never signed the Form 180. The only question remains- Will Kerry be exposed as a liar and a traitor before November 2nd- or after?

Whether this story has a happy ending or not- I'm sticking with my prediction for Bush to win. If you haven't voted yet, you are already LATE!!!

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