Sunday, October 17, 2004

Disobedient Troops

I'm sure most of you have heard about the platoon that "just said no." I don't want to speculate about what happened up there- the truth is I really don't know. The media has already spun it into the next Abu Ghraib fiasco, so the damage has already been done. My early assessment is that there was a spectacular failure of leadership- probably the Company Commander, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Platoon Leader and possibly even the Battalion Commander find themselves on the blame line as well. I expect that some of the belligerent soldiers will get a nice reprimand and the problem will be fixed quickly. The short of it is- when leadership fails, the unit will fall apart. That's clearly what happened here, and it's too bad. This will be one of those cases when the failures of a few will smear the accomplishments of 140,000.


It's interesting to watch the various news agencies trying to figure out what we're doing in Fallujah. Are we attacking? Surrounding? Threatening? Is this the big showdown? Of course I know the answer, but I can't tell you. Sorry.

OH-58D's Down

I can't tell you much about the OH-58D crashes from last night either. Looks like it was a midair, but that's just speculation on my part. We're still getting the details on that one. I obviously feel a particular sting whenever we have flight-related mishaps. We mourn the loss of those two brave troops and we hope the injured recover quickly...

True Courage

As a counterbalance to the "rogue platoon" story, I recommend you check this out. It's the kind of medicine that will cure any doubts you may have about our military's willingness to get the job done.

What a Slimeball- an Edwards Outrage

Can John Edwards possibly sink any lower? Here's one of most telling articles I've yet read about the lawyer from Carolina. A small sample from Charles Krauthammer's masterpiece:

Politicians have long promised a chicken in every pot. It is part of the game. It is one thing to promise ethanol subsidies here, dairy price controls there. But to exploit the desperate hopes of desperate people with the promise of Christ-like cures is beyond the pale.

There is no apologizing for Edwards's remark. It is too revealing. There is absolutely nothing the man will not say to get elected.

The Swiftees are Back!

You must go check out their latest video- especially the second one- "Why?" See Bud Day (John McCain's roommate at the Hanoi Hilton) with his Medal of Honor around his neck and his passionate disdain for John Kerry on his sleeve- it'll give you goose bumps, I promise you.

I Got Links

I figured out a bit of HTML programming during this slow Sunday at the office. I think you'll find some cool stuff in my new "Links" column.

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Anonymous said...

Bcus again, Definitely a leadership problem with the 343rd and their refusal of orders. My guess is it is a marginal unit with bad leadership. Plus the excuses coming out of it sound like there is more there than meets the eye. Soldiers do have a voice and could have found out another way to weasel out of a mission if they felt strongly that their leadership was completely incompetent and sacrificing them. We both know how easy it is to "red X" an aircraft. Seems to me like these guys were fed up and the whole unit sounds like a mess, leaders and all. There are ways around these bad leaders without going to these measures. Sets a bad tone and unless the whole chain of command was completely tore up, there should have been a smarter way for these soldier's to air their problems. Even if the soldiers are bad eggs or marginal performers, it is still a big ding on the leadership, they should have seen this coming.