Saturday, October 09, 2004

I Give Bush the Nod

Maybe I'm biased, but I think the best moment from last night's debate was when Bush finally took a stand in the face of Kerry's cheapshot lies- "YOU tell Tony Blair we're going it alone!" Beautiful. So far, the pundits appear to agree on the "Bush regained momentum" spin, while early "snap polls" indicate a statistical draw. Good.

We have an Australian officer working in our headquarters and at yesterday's planning meeting he said, "It's always been my dream to work with the Americans, but I can't for the life of me imagine working with John Kerry. That man has no concept of how to build alliances." He drew enthusiastic applause, and I couldn't agree more with his statement. That same officer was in a celebratory mood today, because John Howard won a sweeping victory in the Australian election- despite Kerry's efforts to have him derailed. This is good news for Bush, and better news for Iraq.

Two of my favorite guys in the entertainment industry are Trey Parker and Matt Stone- the creators of South Park. I just read about a new movie they've been working on, and I can't wait to see it- it's called Team America, and I think it comes out this weekend. Don't take the kids, because these guys (aside from being fall-down-laughing hilarious) are irreverent, rude, and sometimes raunchy, but one thing really sets them apart from the rest of the entertainment industry- they are not shy about the fact that they "hate liberals." They're not kind to conservatives, but they despise liberals and I just think that's funny since they're such successful entertainers.

Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, and a permanently mustard-stained Michael Moore are just a few of the celebrities who are going to feel well and truly roasted when they see this film. Even seeing the heads without the film’s puppeteers bringing them to life, they are frighteningly accurate and bitingly funny.

Anything that slimes Michael Moore gets an automatic A+ from me. Sean Penn is so angry about this film, that he wrote a scathing open letter to these guys- check it out at the Drudge Report. All I can say is that if they ruffled Sean Penn's feathers, then they did something very right. Go see it and let me know how you liked it...

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Anonymous said...

Bcus here again-
One more thought on why Bush makes a better Commander in Chief than Kerry. Remember the days in the military since the last Gulf War? Particularly the cutbacks Bush Sr. and Clinton began. (Note: A clear distinction between these two is that Bush Sr. made small cutbacks to the size of the force, Clinton made large cutbacks to the military and cut the funds as well that keep a force trained and maintianed, Clinton's cutbacks resulted in a force that ran out of money repeatedly before the end of every fiscal year and often couldn't keep up adequate training. More on that later). Back to my point. Kerry's main comment that we didn't have enough ground forces to "keep the peace", in my opinion is somewhat correct. However the reason, in my view, for the force selection was because the Bush presidency correctly determined (and listened to the advice of the military with long term vision) that a long term committment was required. When you have about 10-11 divisions of ground forces and use about 4 in the war phase it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out you need to pace things so you don't burn out the military. Add to that Afghanistan and keeping something on hand to react in the event of another attack -- result you need to call up reserves and national guard and implement a stop loss for deployed units. AKA - Kerry's back door draft. The same reserves and guard that haven't been getting the training dollars during the 9o's as a result of Clinton policies. So now the Micheal Moore fans (read Micheal Moore is a Big, Fat, Stupid White Guy) of the world start talking draft. The military doesn't want the headache of a draft and Bush has always listened to the military. Why do I think this stuff?? Cause I know that since Bush was elected the military has been allowed to train and equip itself like it wants to (with some limitations obviously). The long termers in the military will agree that it is almost like the Reagan years, in that we have a president that is pro-defense and actually LISTENS to the military! Why do we want to go back to the Clinton military policies? I agree with the President and think transformation needs to continue. One point I differ with Bush on, I think the military needs to expand by about at least 1 division but 2 divisions of ground forces would be much better. You need more boots on the ground and available for rotations.