Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A New Look

I changed my blog template. Let me know if I should keep it or change it again.

UPDATE: Just found out my site was down for awhile. Maybe my new infatuation with HTML has gone too far. I promise I'll settle on a format soon enough.

Disobedient Troops Revisited

On a comment from an earlier post, Bcus hit the nail on the head with respect to the belligerent platoon:

Even if the soldiers are bad eggs or marginal performers, it is still a big ding on the leadership, they should have seen this coming.

My sentiments exactly. The talking-head military analysts are usually too politically saturated for my taste, but I think COL David Hunt explained it brilliantly on the O'Reilly Factor last night. The initial indications that I've seen lead me to believe that there was an "us against the officers" mentality among the senior NCO's in the platoon. That should have been noticed and dealt with immediately by the Platoon Leader and especially the Company Commander. It should have never gone as far as it did, no matter how justified the soldier's complaints turn out to be. What really shocked me is that these soldiers refused the mission knowing that their sister platoon would have to assume the mission off cycle. That's an extreme case of "screwing your buddy" and it's just not how the Army operates. There are some serious personality conflicts going on here. These soldiers (especially the NCO's) will likely be punished, and I fully expect some officers to lose their careers over this.

100 Killed???

Looks like a mortar/rocket barrage hit a dead center in the middle of an ING formation today. My sources tell me that some media estimates of 100 killed are greatly exaggerated. For the shots to be so deadly accurate, I have to believe that it was an inside job- meaning that one of the ING soldiers from that post orchestrated or helped to orchestrate that attack. It was just too well-planned and well-coordinated.

Good News for Bill

Looks like someone's come out with some information that could help Bill O'Reilly. My prediction for this scandal: O'Reilly wins the litigation, his "squeaky clean image" takes a huge hit, and his ratings go through the roof.

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