Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Cheney Won

So according to Senator Edwards, Bush and Cheney aren't being straight with the American people about Iraq. Really? I'd like to see an example. If the Kerry camp managed to show me ONE QUOTE from Bush that even IMPLIES denial or dishonesty regarding the current situation, I'll cast my vote for Kerry. I've often heard Bush say that we're doing a great job over there (we are), that times are tough and they'll get tougher (true), that there is lots of work yet to be done (true), and that we can't lose sight of the fact that our efforts are creating real progress every day (absolutely true- I've witnessed that progress with my own eyes). I've never heard him say, "wow you should see it over there- nobody's dying, it's so peaceful, they're holding love-ins at the Baghdad National Park..." Apparently, Edwards would have us believe that if Bush says anything other than "troops are dying in increasing numbers, and therefore we are losing in Iraq," then he is lying.

As for me, I'd like Bush to tell the American people what the mainstream media isn't telling them- the REST of the story, if you will. Tell them WHY American and Iraqis Security Forces are dying over there. Tell them WHAT we are fighting for. Why do I want him to do this? This is the part that is going to shock some people- he is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!! He's NOT a political pundit! He's NOT some Senator trying to get a job at the White House. Kerry and Edwards want him to act like a desperate candidate- I want him to act like a Commander in Chief. Part of his job as the Commander in Chief is to provide leadership to us deployed soldiers and avoid giving aid and comfort to the enemy (as Edwards and Kerry do in their bid to get elected).

Last night, Edwards pushed a "these-facts-support-my-lie" assertion that we're losing in Iraq (lie) because more soldiers died in Iraq in September than August (69 vs. 50) and August than July (50 vs. 41). He needs you to ignore or remain oblivious to the fact that during that time 2 hotbeds of resistance have been pacified, THOUSANDS of insurgents were killed or captured, we've trained and deployed many thousands of new better-equipped and better-led Iraqi Security Forces, and most importantly- we've moved the Iraqi people steadily closer to the election. Nobody will argue that violence has escalated- the administration had HONESTLY predicted that ALL ALONG. How did they know the violence would escalate? The elections of course! You see, the terrorists and insurgents have been operating with an "illusion of legitimacy" since this conflict began. Each of the 4 separate insurgent factions can rightfully claim that THEY are the voice of the Iraqi people, because so far nobody's been able to definitively prove otherwise. However, when MILLIONS of Iraqi people cast their first vote, they will have officially spoken AS A PEOPLE for the first time in who knows how long- ever? This will squeeze the life out of the insurgency, and the terrorists know it. The long-anticipated escalating violence only proves it.

There are 2 groups of people who want you to believe that we are losing in Iraq: left-wing Democrats and terrorists. Terrorists try to convince you of our downward spiral by setting off lethal car bombs. Left-wingers (including Kerry and Edwards) try to convince you of our downward spiral by pointing at the news coverage of those car bombs. Kerry and Edwards apparently think that shaking the confidence of the American people and amplifying the voice of our enemies is a justifiable tactic in their hunt for the White House. I disagree.

If you want leaders who will base their assessment of Iraq on the profit-driven mainstream media (as Edwards CLEARLY did last night) and tell the soldiers that they're slowly losing the wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time, then your vote needs to go to Kerry/Edwards.

If you want a guy who won't back down from the enemy or waiver in his support for the deployed soldiers in order to get elected or for any other reason, then I implore you to hang on to my current boss- he's doing a great job and so are we...

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