Monday, October 18, 2004

The New "Mr. USO"

Last night I was treated to an energetic and amusing performance by a troupe of entertainers led by the one and only Wayne Newton. They did a show in the parking lot near my barracks building, so I couldn't avoid it even if I wanted to. Wayne really likes us. I think he's lobbying for the "Mr. USO" title once held by the immortal Bob Hope.

The funniest performer of the night was Rob Schneider (Saturday Night Live, Deuce Bigalow, The Animal). He told some really lewd and profanity-laced jokes, and most of them were really funny- especially when he made fun of our Commanding General, who was sitting in the front row. It was a big hit with the audience and the CG seemed to take it in stride...

The Truth About Iraq

Finally- the truth about Iraq! Here's a clip from their "myths and facts" page:
We've identified some of the major myths manufactured by the media, and we have tried to counter them with statistically valid public opinion research.

The truth is better than you think. Be proud America.

You must check out this site. Read it, know it, love it, bookmark it, and tell all your friends about it.

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