Thursday, October 07, 2004

Three Words or Less

I'm often criticized for being a little bit (okay- a lot) verbose at times. I feel the criticism is justified, and I've been struggling to find a concise way to lay out our plan for a peaceful and stable Iraq. I think it's being called "The Bush Plan" these days, and it's being touted by both candidates. About a week ago, I referred you to this article by LTG Petraeus. The feedback I got from that article was that the General is more verbose than I. Fair enough. Now I have some good news- I found a guy who managed to sum it up in three words or less. His name is Austin Bay, and he's an Army Colonel who recently returned from a stint in Iraq. I heard his name come up more than a few times in my headquarters, and to say that he's a well respected officer would be an understatement. Read his article, and I promise you'll have a better understanding of what we're doing over there.

I voted today. Please make sure you all do the same. Especially if you live in a battleground state such as Florida, New Jersey, or NEVADA (hint hint).

And in the Things I would do if I were in the US right now department...Go out and rent Fahrenhype911. It's at your local video store, and it'll help you speak intelligently to anyone who subjected themselves to an ill-advised $8 brainwashing by Michael Moore.

I read an intelligence report today that would absolutely knock your socks off. It hasn't been thoroughly analyzed yet, but the source was determined to be highly reliable- meaning he's given correct information in the past. If this thing breaks, it will change the entire foreign policy debate in a way that few could have ever anticipated. Stay tuned...

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