Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Final Push

Hey! Just finished a long couple of days with an extraordinary NG Aviation unit based out of South Carolina and Kentucky. The work was tough, but I'm happy to say that these great Army Aviators are primed and ready to go take on some serious challenges up north. Sometime between now and a few months from now (gotta practice good OPSEC), they'll be replacing the Aviators who replaced me and my brigade at Mosul Airfield. I'm confident they'll do great things. One cool thing about these guys- their Apaches are grey- like Navy choppers. They're the only grey helicopters in the Army- some kind of experimental thing. I thought they looked awesome. They needed a qualified pilot to work the brakes while they rolled off the boat, so I (as the Port Operations Officer in Charge) quickly volunteered my services. Now I can say that I supervised a mission from the cockpit of an Apache- and nobody will be the wiser. As a Black Hawk guy, I have to say those things are pretty wild- all those weapons systems in there. Cool stuff.

So now I'm free to enjoy the last few hours of my weekend, and I'll have most of tomorrow off. That's good, because there's work to be done.

Update on the Discharge

Seems while I was at work, the Kerry Discharge story has generated some momentum. The word from the Swifties camp is that it may break in the MSM on Monday morning. For those of you who don't want to wait- here's a good preview from Earl Lively- the guy who shot down CBS's phony story about Bush's NG service. This story is a lock- there's no way it isn't true. Anyone who knows anything about the military can't honestly question the evidence. The only thing that Kerry has on his side here is the fact that most Americans simply don't understand the details, the jargon, or the unbelievable implications of the whole thing (i.e. wasn't fit to be in the military but could potentially become the Commander in Chief, he's been lying about it all this time, the reasons for the bad discharge, the ensuing cover-up, etc.). The story is just huger than huge.

My guess is that the MSM plans to do anything and everything to keep it buried until after the election (hoping for a Kerry win), and then once they've finally got themselves another scandal-prone target in the White House- they'll pounce relentlessly. Believe me, there would be no need to forge any documents in order to bring down a President Kerry. Whoa- I almost got sick typing that just now. Hopefully I'll never type those two words in the same sentence ever again. Vote, please!

But who knows? There's always the chance that the MSM will cave under the pressure. We'll just have to wait and see...

Other Stuff

There's another potentially damning story about Kerry that may or may not break soon. But I don't want to delve into that one until I see some more solid evidence. Stay toooooned.

I Wrote a Letter

While I was out and about today, I thought up a letter that I wanted to write to the good Senator. This letter was burning my fingertips- wanting so badly to get out. When I finally got to a computer, I whipped it up in about 8 minutes. I read it over and over. I'm usually not much of a fan when it comes to my own work, but I really liked this one. It just sort of captured everything I feel about his guy, and I don't think it left much room for doubt about the absolute absurdity of even considering him as a potential Commander in Chief. I hope you good people out there can forgive me for the tiny hint of profanity at the end. It just felt like the perfect touch, and I had to go with it.

I put it on a couple of sites, and the reviews were all positive, so I'm going to post it right now. I'm going to give it an entire post all it's own. Please feel free to cut and paste it or click the little envelope icon underneath it and mail it to anybody you like. If there's anyone out there who you feel might be wondering about how our nation's service members (past and present) overwhelmingly feel about this man, I implore you to send them this letter. And that's all I have to say about that. Here goes...

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One thing that stands out in my mind as being totally unbelievable is... Who losses their war medals? I have thought about that remark many times and it just makes no sense..There are some things in life that have enough personal value that we would never loose them. On my brothers wall hangs a Cherry wood case and inside it is the medals our Dad earned while fighting for 3 years in Germany during WWII. Among them, a purple heart earned after being shot in the head. More than 60 years after the fact is it still looks as though it could have been issued yesterday. Of course that isn't proof JK didn't loose them, but you and I realize the importance of such things. Veterans don't LOOSE their medals, well not unless they have been required and ordered to LOOSE them..