Friday, October 22, 2004

The Duelfer Report

Christopher Hitchens offers the best assessment I've seen on the subject:

His conclusion is that, given an improvement in the economic and political climate, Saddam could and would have done one of two things: reconstitute the program or share it with others. Had it not been for 9/11, it is sobering to reflect, there would have been senior members of even this administration arguing that sanctions on Iraq should be eased. And, through the open scandal of the oil-for-food program, there were many states or clienteles within states who were happy to help Saddam enrich himself. Moreover, within the "box" that supposedly "contained" him were also living Kim Jong-il, A.Q. Khan, and Col. Qaddafi. We know from the Kay report that, as late as March of last year, Saddam's envoys were meeting North Korea's team in Damascus and trying to buy missiles off the shelf. It would never have stopped: this ceaseless ambition to acquire the means of genocide. If anything, we underestimated that aspect of it.
Too true. Read the rest.

The Hip Hop Debate

Right now, Bush is whipping Kerry in the Hip Hop Debate (57%-43% at last count). You must check out this site. Make sure you select Bush's "Money Walk" and Kerry's "Flip-Flop." Once you've selected all the moves, you'll be allowed to vote. Pure genius.


Kerry Sucks

In case there was any doubt in your mind- I highly recommend

The Fall of Castro

I struggled with this for a while. You've all seen the clip. Most of you probably laughed at least as hard as I did. I've never seen such a funny geopolitical debacle. He looked so amazingly silly as he tumbled. But then I had to remind myself- I was laughing hysterically at the site of a 78-year-old man falling down and breaking an arm and a leg. Can we do that? I'm really feeling weird about this one- but I can't stop watching it and laughing. Somebody please help...

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