Friday, October 15, 2004

Stolen Honor- A Call to Action

I know what you're thinking- "2Slick doesn't post more than once a day!" Well, that's usually the case, but something just came to my attention. The Swiftees have announced a call to action campaign, and I wanted to help their efforts. They're fighting Kerry's push to silence Sinclair's upcoming broadcast of Stolen Honor. Kerry can't afford to have his true colors be shown to so many Americans this late in the game, so he's doing everything in his power to suppress Sinclair's right to broadcast this purely factual must-see film.

I emailed the second half of Wednesday's post to several Sinclair affiliates as well as their corporate headquarters. Forum member jdwill sent them a genuine masterpiece, and he was kind enough to let me share it with you:

I am a Vietnam era veteran. I have felt the stigma of being considered a fool, or worse when I came back to civilian life. I have watched as the movies and books of my time painted Vietnam veterans as less than honorable.

Now during this 2004 election campaign, we have endured Michael Moore's movie, Fahrenheit 911, and the 'critical' acclaim it received. We have had our children flock to it and come back filled with its lies. In this movie, OIF veterans are portrayed as were Vietnam veterans, as dupes to be pitied, not respected for doing what over 70% of the country approved of in the beginning.

I am not a war lover, but when we send these soldiers, our best, to fight and risk the ultimate sacrifice, we should support them and respect them. The logical extension of supporting our troops is to support their mission and to understand the tough choices they are often forced to make. How can you say to them "we support you but you are engaged in an immoral act"?

I have this month seen a documentary on cable, on the Sundance channel, called Unfinished Symphony that paints a sympathetic picture of John Kerry's anti-war activities and that of his group, the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Why can't a documentary that dissents from this be shown?

I have paid attention as large segments of the media tried to ignore, then squash, and then ignore again the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. It is not right for John Kerry to use his service in Vietnam time and time again to political advantage, yet brook no dissenting voice.

Free speech cannot be a one way street. If you show Stolen Honor, you will be doing the veterans of all wars, and indeed, the American people a great service.

Nice work, jdwill. If the rest of you feel as passionately about this as we do, I encourage you to go help the Swiftees!!!

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